Friday, April 20, 2007

fill our mouths with cinnamon

Yesterday's Decemberists show was good, but tonight? Tonight was GREAT. Amazing set list, and I have to say--it might be worse on my back (everybody knows it sucks to grow up), but forsaking the comfort of the balcony for jostling of the stage floor just adds SO much more excitement and energy to a show, especially for as crowd-participation-heavy a concert as theirs. Speaking of, Colin stage-dived at the end of the show and nearly toppled onto me--I'd be fangirly about it, except I would've probably gotten a concussion. I can, however, vouch for the quality of his seersucker jacket (nice!).

Oh, and my little tawny gypsy mac is infinitely pleased that they played "Shiny" tonight. *strokes monitor lovingly*

I heartily recommend opening act My Brightest Diamond, Sufjan backup-singer Shara Worden's band. She opened for the Soof last fall and was decent, but she's really come into her own now. Very energetic with an unusual, fascinating voice. I love that she was classically trained and is now fronting a rock band. Shows there's still hope for me.

...I mean, um, if this lawyer stuff doesn't work out. Right. Ahem.

Back to the trip-to-Egypt paper (IT NEVER ENDS)...

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Krista said...

N says that it was only thanks to his quick action that you were saved from getting squished! I need my next Lexis iTunes card to get here so I can buy the new album already ... :)