Thursday, January 25, 2007

all about chemistry

It's official. Music class = the best law school class ever.

Why? Because my reading for tomorrow (portions of Rockonomics) contains an extended quote from (Semisonic drummer) Jake Slichter's masterpiece, So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star.

Coincidentally, I read that book nearly two years ago, while visiting the law school for Admitted Students Weekend. It's a phenomenal piece of work about the music industry and you should all read it yourselves.

And *I* should finish my reading for tomorrow. But seriously? I LOVE THIS CLASS. It's like getting class credit for doing the stuff I do normally.

I'm totally pulling one over on the administration. (Shhh, don't tell.)

edited to add: Well, whaddya know. Apparently music class will be blogging through Blogger, too. So, I'm making my profile private for the time being--no sense tempting fate. I've said nothing but good things about the class here, but I'd just as soon not encourage clickthroughs from bored classmates.

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Rent60 said...

I'm glad to hear *your* music class is good. I had to drop mine last week because I just couldn't stand it! The prof was the most hyper person I'd EVER met.-- A perfect kindergarten teacher but University Prof...hell no! It also ended up being more of a music theory class than the cultural theory class that I thought it would be. All, in all, very disappointing, boo!

...But I'll check out that book. It sounds like a good read