Wednesday, May 31, 2006

i wanna be wanna be wanna be jim morrison

Well, huh. Grades came out today. That was... fast. I think professors had to turn them in by yesterday. I wasn't expecting them till June (which, to be fair, is tomorrow). Anyway--I did better than I did last semester, on the whole. That's good. What's troubling is that I always seem to have one baffling, frustrating grade, and it happened again this semester. I thought I knocked it out of the park with this class, and apparantly I didn't. Like I did last semester, I emailed the prof, and hopefully a conversation will help ease the cloak-and-dagger mysteriousness surrounding this particular outcome.

But the rest of it? Yeah, ok. I'm not overwhelmed, but I'm not underwhelmed, either. Consider me whelmed, I suppose. Whelmed and off to a Cubs game. Er, a Reds game. I haven't seen them play since I got free (nosebleed) tickets for getting straight A's in middle school. (See that, o unnamed Law School Professor? My MIDDLE SCHOOL teachers loved me!)

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