Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the screen doors of discretion

From, via the Nields Nook (via my father, if we're being detail-oriented here):

Iowa Not Like Dar Williams Song, Report Disappointed Lesbians


Anyway. Four interviews down, five tomorrow, two (maaaybe three, if I can get on another firm's list) on Thursday, and then I get a three-day break. Oh, and orientation for 1Ls begins this Friday! I can't believe it. I totally remember the stress of it all last year, and while I'm certainly under a lot of stress now (and STILL sleeping really poorly, dagnabbit), it's entirely different. The faces in the halls are friendly (or, at least, familiar), I know my way around, and I have a confidence that I lacked for, well, much of first year, to be honest. I don't know when my insecurity cracked--maybe it was during my externship/judicial practicum, maybe it was taking some time to be with folks from other parts of my life this summer, but I feel a lot more take-charge now than I did then. Hopefully this exuberance is being reflected in my interviews--I am a strong, fun, smart person who knows what she's doing (at least, for the moment), and you WANT to hire me!

...right. Anyway. I am going to bed earlier tonight, so I'm researching one more firm and hitting the sack. If I can get through tomorrow, the worst scheduling day is over, so it should be relatively smooth sailing from there on out. I hope.

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Anonymous said...

ha! how come you never told me about this website before???
-supermarj, still passwordless