Saturday, February 18, 2006

the cars were just lumps on the snow

yeah yeah yeah, I've fallen into the black hole of non-updating again. NOT my fault. First I had to scramble to get ready to leave for a weekend, then I had to scramble to get caught up from having left for a weekend.

More specifically: the 145th Anniversary Yale Glee Club Reunion was last Saturday in New Haven, and it was *such* a good time. Fun to see folks I hadn't run into in awhile (as well as those whom I manage to see somewhat regularly), and WONDERFUL to sing again on stage in Woolsey. "Alleluia"? Not since Baccalaureate, and boy, had I missed that song... The gala reception was a'ight--the speeches ran long (and don't get me STARTED on "Eight Bells"), but the portrait of David that they unveiled was perfect, absolutely perfect. The swing band was cute (old folks playing old music), and they ended right at midnight, and we walked outside... into three inches of snow. yeah. It had begun already. Finally got back to Erica's after a round of drinks at Anchor (Richter's had closed because of the weather, the pansies) and a long, cold walk to the car... called the airline at 2am to rebook my cancelled flight and was told that I couldn't be guaranteed a flight till Tuesday morning. ???!!! SO. More of a vacation than I planned for, particularly when I didn't bring any work along with me, but truthfully? It was a long, rejeuvenating weekend, and I'm so glad I had the chance to spend some quality time with my long lost college pals.

The aftermath of the weekend? Not so much fun. Spent last night at home trying to work on my property reading; didn't get particularly far, but I DID see Lindsey Jacobellis screw up on the gold medal run of Women's Snowboardcross, so I suppose it wasn't an entirely wasted evening. Today? Laundry, more property, con law, gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair... oh, wait a sec. *sigh* It's also -4 degrees outside. ??? Suddenly, property reading doesn't sound so bad...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Thursday, February 02, 2006

just read the dialogue balloon

I take it all back.

Aimee Mann was worth whatever price I'm paying in staying up too late to get my work done--and then some. What a kickass show.

More soon, as the aforementioned work has to get done before I collapse. But boy oh boy, am I in great spirits.

oh, and she played "Fourth of July." acoustic. My heart nearly broke.

Thank you, Aimee. You didn't have any idea what you did, but thank you.