Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i've got a negative edge

A little haiku about my walk to school this morning:

outside MCA
slipped and fell, bruising my ass
winter, please, be gone

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

he's alive, he's alive

So, today in Evidence, my professor said that the first sentence of FRE 608(b) "throws you a hooker."


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

always doing damage control


Well, Snow Couple-of-Hours--no evening classes tonight after 6pm. And it doesn't affect me at all, because I don't have Weds night classes (and our Very Special Wednesday Rehearsal continues apace), but it's still pretty great. I don't think I've had any classes canceled for weather since senior year of college.

I know there hasn't been much of note here recently, and I apologize. I'm a bit overcommitted this semester and things are just getting crazier and crazier. So, anyway, listen to the new R.E.M. single and check back later. Maybe I'll have more to add.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

trading places with an angel

The Boy and I had an unintentional Christian Bale filmfest last night, courtesy of the inclement weather keeping us at home and the Redbox in our neighborhood Jewel. We've been behind on renting movies since our local Blockbuster shut down, but let me tell you--Redbox is AWESOME. $1 movie rentals! Selection isn't as all-encompassing as Blockbuster's was, but considering they were wanting close to $5 a rental, this is a MUCH better price. We got 3:10 to Yuma and The Prestige, both of which were GREAT. I've been going over and over the plot twists in the latter all day--no surprise that it was directed by Memento's Christopher Nolan. I also am not at all up on my Westerns--I think the only one I've ever watched was Shane, for Narrative Structures two years ago--but I wouldn't mind seeing more of the genre, since I really enjoyed 3:10 to Yuma. Anyway, Russell Crowe knocked it out of the park in Yuma, and I loved David Bowe Bowie's take on Nikola Tesla in The Prestige. And our man Mr. Bale did not disappoint in either. I remember enjoying The Illusionist when both of these magic-themed movies came out, but I'm not sure now which of them I liked better. I kind of want to watch The Illusionist again, perhaps this evening, as I think we're Redboxing it once more tonight--that is, if I ever get my schoolwork done. blerg.

Also, because I've been inundating the Boy with links right now and because he'd probably be happier if I were working on my portion of our trip-to-Thailand topic proposal, I'm entreating you to check out this NYMag article about the music industry's war on insider leaks. It's more fuel for my argument that music itself can't be the primary source of revenue anymore in music industry business models. It's neither practical nor feasible. Songs need to be viewed as promotional tools--a means to an end--rather than an end unto themselves. User expectations demand instant music availability, both in the time it takes to acquire music (i.e., the rise of downloading) and the time it takes for music to become available. People aren't content to wait around three months for an album to come out. Even though Radiohead got most of its press last fall from the "name your own price" aspect of its new album, perhaps equally remarkable was the rapidity with which it became available after we heard it was coming--something like two weeks, was it?

So, the bottom line: you want to keep leaks down? Then announce new albums when they're ready to go. I mean, I've known since Christmas that R.E.M. has a new record coming out in April. Why do I have to wait so damn long? I guarantee that thing's ready to go now and they're just holding it up for some sort of publicity campaign, or the tour, or whatever. But I want the music now. I still plan on shelling out big bucks to see them (and Modest Mouse! and the National!) at the United Center on June 6, and I'll surely buy some overpriced t-shirt or hoodie or whatever. They're making their money off of me one way or another. Why wait to give me my copy of their long-awaited new album?

Anyway. I have work to do, or I'd continue to soapbox on this stuff. You, dear reader, are devastated, I'm sure. Happy Superbowling--the Boy is rooting for the Giants, so I guess I am, too, but the Patriots seem untouchable this year. More importantly, can you believe it's been four years since NippleGate? Maybe Tom Petty will be wearing a lace corset under his outer garments...