Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I don't regret a single thing


more soon, as it's late and I'm really really freaking tired, but I'm tied to the computer like a leash, as is always the case late at night.

I survived! And even better, I turned 24! I'm still OK with getting older because I haven't really reached a "scary" year yet. Check back in five; I might not be so jovial. The Boy surprised me with a delightful birthday dinner with various and sundry friends on the day before, and I saw Death Cab the night of... but it really just whet my appetite for a full Death Cab show. Preferably one with fewer jackass highschoolers. I don't mind youngsters at all ages shows if they're well behaved (as I was, back in the day), but for God's sake, people--if you didn't get there early enough to be right up by the stage, can you NOT PUSH FORWARD once the show starts, making everyone miserable? Thanks. I appreciate it. Really.

ANYhow. I got Seasons 1 & 2 of Ali G and Season 2 of Arrested Development from the 'rents, and the Boy got me a pair of Fluevogs, which basically makes yours truly one lucky girl. So much has changed since the beginning of '05, so much that I didn't anticipate--and some that I'd hoped for. I'm surviving law school, I'm enjoying it--and omg, I'm headed to Seattle in 10 days to see my college pals! delightful.

...and, as promised above, more soon. *yaaaawn*

Thursday, December 08, 2005

the minor fall, the major lift

Oh my god, it's beautiful outside.

It's snowing--really, really snowing--and while it wasn't so beautiful when I was thirteen blocks south and praying my taxi wouldn't rear-end the car in front of us, it's gorgeous now. I'm staring up at it through my blinds and I can't stop. I need to do laundry, I need to finish my civil procedure outline, I need I need I need--but Rufus is singing Hallelujah, and my heart is soaring through the falling flakes, and I'm positively transfixed. There are just so many snowflakes! Has it really been so long since I've seen it snow, like, really snow? Usually it happens overnight, or I'm at work, or otherwise occupied... but daylight is fleeting--it will be dark in an hour and a half--and for now, all I want to do is watch the snow fall. It's accumulating really rapidly, too. I'm so glad I have nowhere else to go.

Oh, yeah, exams. I've taken two so far, and there are two to go--halfway, thank heavens. I feel... okay. Cautiously optimistic? I know neither of my exams was perfect, but I also don't think I totally screwed up, so I would say definitely... maybe. And despite patting myself on the back for being a civ pro rockstar all these weeks, I know the exam going to kick my ass, so I need to get going on it. And torts... torts is just going to suck, plain and simple. I will be so ready to be done by then. I'm already so ready.

Oh, and I had an interview for next summer! A judicial externship... I really hope it went well. It was so low-key--refreshingly so--but that makes it all the more hard to read. Like the exams. I'm doing my best, and I can only hope it's good enough.

Oh, wow, it's snowing harder now. Excuse me.

I have to watch.

Friday, December 02, 2005

where does the time go when it's not around here?

i dont know but frank black has a new album out in july called honeycomb!!
I highly reccomend it!

Oh, hello, reader. Didn't notice you there. Doing a little bit of woxy.com reminiscing/procrastinating before getting back to my studies, and it occurred to me that perhaps I ought to update here, too... I have no idea if I'm studying properly for exams or not. I guess I'll just have to find out come Monday. I've hit all my classes to some degree this week, and I'm turning back to contracts later tonight & it'll be full-force K till Monday at noon, at which point I will cease to care about contracts at all, ever (until, possibly, the bar exam, or maybe my legal practice... but that's many moons from now). I've had a headache all afternoon and I think it's from too many hours peering at my computer screen... not like I really have a choice. Oh, well.

In other news, I'll be taking Narrative Structures (law & literature--my "perspective elective," required for graduation) and Law & Social Change as my electives next semester, along with requirements ConLaw and Property... unless I decide to switch Law & Social Change for International Law. But both of the classes I'm in now have profs with excellent ratings, so I feel like that might be a foolish thing to do. Oh, well--I'll figure it out.

Back to it. I'll be more interesting soon, I promise. Oh, and btw, it is FREEZING at my desk. I think the remainder of my Target gift card will go towards the purchase of an under-desk space heater. brrr.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

here in our hollow we fuse like a family

Ohh, how have we reached the waning days of November already? I have less than three weeks until my birthday, and within that time I have to take 4 terrifying exams. *sigh* But it's better to be burning my candle at both ends than twiddling my thumbs and feeling restless, I suppose, so onward we go.

But! I spent a couple days at home for Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful. I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and was properly impressed by the acting and directing; it's my favorite of the books, so I'm quite glad that they seemed to do it justice. A few plot points weren't properly explained for the uninitiated (whatever happened to Barty Crouch, Sr.? And are we supposed to assume that Dumbledore's muttering of "priori incantatum" is sufficient explanation for why Harry survived Voldemort's attack?), but for the most part, it was grand and glorious, and I didn't miss the house-elves at all.

Also worth mentioning: I saw Walk the Line the week before Thanksgiving in a super-special sneak preview, and it, too, was great. Reese Witherspoon was particularly compelling as June Carter, but Joaquin did a mean Cash and both are likely looking at Oscar nods. Apparantly it's somewhat similar to Ray in its telling, but I never managed to see Ray, so it was all new to me.

Anyway. I know the point of a blog is to make frequent, inane posts, so I'll try to get on that with greater regularity. In the meantime, I have a civil procedure outline to finish...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

Ok. Trying something new. I got used to the idea of blogging through my imeem blog, but I can't access that via my PowerBook. So, I thought I'd create a new blog to fulfill my blogging needs/desires. Also, it's a grand procrastination tool from outlining for my law school exams. AND I bet you can comment on this blog without being an imeem user! Winners all around!