Thursday, February 19, 2009

did you lose the monkey?


So, I saw on Stereogum that Fountains of Wayne is releasing a DVD called "No Better Place: Live in Chicago." The playlist is little retro, as it was apparently filmed in 2005. Oh, and they posted a clip from the DVD.

AND IT'S THE EFFING SOUNDSTAGE PERFORMANCE I WAS AT!!! Except not edited down to less than 30 mins and combined with crap All American Rejects footage, like the damn broadcast was.

See for yourself here, and/or buy the DVD Mar. 3. Wow. Talk about a blast from the past. I'm pretty sure that was first semester 1L year. AND I was subjected to fundraising phone calls (usually on Saturday mornings) from that public TV station for the next two years, till I forcefully told them to take me off their list. Good times.

But anyway, maybe on a nice, hi-def TV, I'll be able to see myself in the audience...

...oh, and in other FOW news, Adam Schlesinger has formed a band with the middle Hanson brother, the drummer from Cheap Trick and Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha. Yes, it sounds like the setup to a joke, but I am not kidding.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

if you'd only, if you'd only say yes

...hey, blog. Just thought I'd stop by with a little news (though anyone reading this probably already knows): I passed the bar! Huzzah. So all those weeks of studying/not blogging apparently paid off. I still have to muddle through the character and fitness application, but I'm fairly squeaky clean in that regard, so I'm optimistic.

Anyway, I wanted a little closure on here, in case this blog ends up being a chronicle of my law school experiences and nothing more. Maybe it won't--I'm hoping the urge to blog returns. It does, from time to time, but not strong enough to push me into actually writing something. But for now I can look forward to being a completely bar-certified attorney soon. Yay.

Oh, and I adopted a cat. Millie:

Friday, June 27, 2008

this door is always open

Hmm. Blog.

I've been kind of quiet lately, I know. Part of it is because a lot of what I'm doing is boring as sin (hello, barbri) or not really bloggable, or I feel weird about sharing it because this damn article of a month ago has made me a lot more self-conscious about what I write, made me question my motives, worry that I'm burdening you people with overshared details. But I guess that's all that a blog is, because I'm left with nothing else to say. I've started several posts that I ended up abandoning, I've actually told people in person stories I was going to save for the blog (is that weird, saving stories for the blog? oh, well), because I haven't had that "must blog!" urge in awhile.

...and shoot, this is sounding like a goodbye post. I'm not going away. I hope my blogging urge comes back. But I don't want to force it, either. So how about I promise you that I'll write more when I really have something to say? Till then, keep me on your blogrolls, or in your bookmarks if you're anti-RSS. I'll be back.

And you should get the new We Are Scientists album. I bet their old one's good, too--there are kittens on the cover, so how could it be bad? God knows when I'll be able to buy any other new music, let alone listen to it (narrrgh paycheck--August 25 is so far away), so the stuff I've got'll have to hold me till then. The new Death Cab is growing on me, too, for what it's worth.

And, um, because I opened the overshared door eighteen months ago, Foxy's gone. I really can't say more than that.

Anyway, more soon. Or later. 'Cause time means nothing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

you don't have to go home

Lots of stuff going on. I'm so behind on bar exam prep already, though I probably would be even if I hadn't taken last week off. I am going to kick NY Practice's ass even if it kills me, though.

And I think, having sat through my first in-class BarBri session today, that it's finally sinking in: I'm a f*cking LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE and I'm studying for the bar. I may have two months of ever-increasing hell in front of me, but it's a privilege to fight, isn't it? *salutes Conviser mini-review*

Sunday, May 25, 2008

say do you remember


Just back from the wedding, which was AWESOME, but the awesomest part?

One of the singers in the band came up to me afterward and was like, "Were you in [my law school]'s musical? Because I saw it at admitted students' weekend, and I'm starting there this fall!" And it totally MADE MY NIGHT. I have a fan! Sort of. Yay.

Now, if only he had convinced the band to play Fame...

Friday, May 23, 2008

but he left all the books to her

Yeah, so, hi. Little dusty around here, I know. I finished exams, I graduated, I ran off to Stratford, Ontario for four theater-packed days of Shakespeare Festival with my fambly (more on that soon), and now I'm about to embark on a weekend of wedding-related events for a college suitemate and her awesome beau. So, all that is by way of saying you'll probably hear more from me soon, most likely in the form of BarBri-related grousing (that's the bar exam prep class for you non-law school readers).

In the meantime, I've heard very, very mixed reviews of the new ("red") Weezer album, but I'll give them an A+ for their so-meta-it-hurts video for "Pork and Beans." In fact, by the time it concluded, I was left wondering if they were grasping too hard for memes...? Anyway, check it out, and happy Memorial Day:

Sunday, May 04, 2008

never gonna give you pants

Quick update. Still alive. One exam to go, but it's a two-part exam, so it may as well be two exams. Meh. Then I have to finish my mediation journal (you'd think it'd be easy, if not fun, to self-analyze for 30 pages... but it's so not), and I'm done. Done! And I graduate in less than 2 weeks! Crazy!

Possibly again inadvisably, I saw another concert tonight: Jonathan Coulton with Paul & Storm. SO MUCH FUN OMG. Little irked at P&S, who played essentially the same set they played last December, and really, kids, it's only been six months--you're gonna have a lot of the same people at both shows. (But you can always play the cookie dough jingle. That gets a special exemption.) I do love their new DEJECTED ARRRR t-shirts, but I've placed a firm moratorium on concert t-shirt purchasing, as I'm mere months from entering the workforce for reals again, and I have enough band t-shirts right now to wear a different one each day for a month, probably.

JoCo played a somewhat different set, which meant no Ikea (disappointed arrrr), but we did get a rollicking First of May, and he rickrolled us on Mr. Fancypants (!), and I do very much adore the old standbys (Code Monkey, Skullcrusher Mountain, I Crush Everything, Re: Your Brains, Creepy Doll, Mandelbrot Set). I also had this weird thought on the bus ride home, listening to his recorded stuff--if I were a man-singer, I would want his voice. It's so perfect for pop songs. Just the right timbre, great non-falsetto high range--and let's face it, people prefer listening to dudes when it comes to pop music (and I'm being needlessly unfair to altos with this comment, but they're used to it, right?). Heck, I was ready to throttle the woman behind me who sang up the octave during the singalong chorus on... something... Skullcrusher Mountain? Just don't do it, lady. Haven't the dogs in the parking lot suffered enough?

Anyway, JoCo = great voice. And maybe I'm just thinking about it more now that I know he was a Whiff, and during my year in Whim I became all too familiar with the stigma against being the all-women group, so maybe I'll always have a little chip on my shoulder about it, because deep down I agree that I'd rather listen to them than me...? I'm digressing way too far and I need to go to bed, but the bottom line is that Jonathan Coulton can ruin a pony for me anytime, and tomorrow I need to learn more evidence than man (or woman) ever has before, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Er, less behind. Whatever.