Tuesday, August 29, 2006

too much of a good thing

Well, despite all my glibness of a few weeks ago, I do kind of see the benefit of a private/totally anonymous blog because I could perhaps speak with greater freedom about my particular OCI anxieties, which are pretty much all I'm dwelling on in my idle moments these days. But then, who the hell would I be speaking to? That being said, I guess I can divulge that the odds are looking better and better at yours truly being gainfully employed in New York (City) next summer. Nothing's in stone so everything's subject to change/abject failure at callback interviewing, but I will be visiting firms over mid-to-late September/early October to see if they still want me after talking to me for longer than 20 minutes apiece. Some of them will even have the pleasure of dining with me! (Memo to self: careful ordering soup or spaghetti. Don't be afraid to use a knife with your salad. Dribbles on clothing ≠ professional image, nor a cheap dry cleaning bill.) I have two more introductory interviews, but I'm far from being out of the woods yet. I get a momentary reprieve tomorrow, though...

...and I'll be spending my day trying to narrow my law journal topic idea(s) to something that's a) interesting, b) both in the subject area of my journal (criminal law) and the expertise of the professor I'm hoping to get to advise me, and c) not pre-empted (meaning nobody's written on that precise topic yet). I spent three and a half hours being oriented to my journal for the first time this evening, and I've got four more to look forward to on Thursday, when we'll be introduced to the joy that is "source and cite." I have only the most rudimentary knowledge of this particular activity at the moment, but I do believe it involves finding (hard copies of) sources and seeing if they really say what the author of the article says they do, as well as checking all the citations in the article for correctness. Hooray! I can't wait till I'm a 3L and can boss my own crop of 2Ls around, making them do all the journal (busy) work, because that's gotta be the light at the end of this particular tunnel. That, and building character, of course.

A final query: does anyone else think "bidet" rather than "B - day" when they see the title of Beyonce's new album? Because if I were her, I'd've re-thought that apostrophe. B'zarre, indeed.

edited to add: nooooo--another cutie from the '90s bites the dust. Or, at the very least, a twinkie or ten. T.S., you were SO CUTE in Mallrats! sigh.

Monday, August 28, 2006

if there's some confusion, who's to blame?

I'm presently on hold with Verison DSL.

I'm a Sprint cell phone customer and my internet is provided by MDI. So why am I on hold with Verizon?

Because someone in New York with my first and last name, spelled identically, just set up a Verision DSL/phone account and the invoice confirmation was sent to my email address (firstname.lastname@gmail.com). Rather than ignore it--I mean, how annoying would it be to get, like, bill invoices every month?--I called Verizon to let them know that they had the wrong email, but their only recourse was to cancel the whole account. I guess it makes sense--I mean, I have this person's new phone number and address, so I could stalk them at will. I do feel bad about cancelling their phone service, but really, now--if you weren't quick enough on the uptake to grab firstname.lastname@gmail.com, then don't start giving it out as your personal email address, cherie. You've probably forgotten a middle initial in there (or maybe you forgot to specify the "T" in your (*scoff*) Americanized version of my last name).

But the bottom line, honestly? I'm clearly not as unique and beautiful a snowflake as I thought I was. Oh, well.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

it was for freedom

I've posted a little bit recently, but only about stuff and things, not about what's been happening on this end, so I'm going to try to rectify that now. First of all, greetings to Paul, maintainer of 2sj.com--dunno if you'll stick around or if some awesome act of googling only brought you to my Pluto post, but I support your online endeavors, as well. I'm an irregular lurker at the 2sj message boards, as they're my go-to reference for any tidbits about possible reunion tours, etc. Thanks for stopping by!

Anyhow, it's been a pretty relentless week of interviewing, but the bulk of my OCI duties are over with. I had no idea how exhausting the process would be, nor how busy busy busy my schedule would become (evening receptions, researching firms, hanging around in my suit between interviews, etc). I've had some luck, which is really, really gratifying, but as I've said to myself countless times, callback ≠ job, so I'm hedging my bets for the time being. Much like in bowling, I'm not at all sure what it is I'm doing right. I mean, the Boy and I were at Lucky Strike yesterday and in my first game, I bowled a 126--which is awesome for me--and then followed it up with a 76, which is pretty much par for the course in my book. I couldn't begin to tell you what I did differently between the two games, only that one worked out and one didn't. I feel that way about a lot of these interviews, too--when they go well, it's fantastic, but I don't really know why they go well. I can only hope I can keep doing what I'm doing and be able to report back here in a few weeks with a finalized job offer for next summer.

In other news, I think I'm coming down with a cold. I'm echinacea-ing, zinc lozenge-ing and zicam-ing the heck outta my sinus passages and throat, so hopefully it will be a minor cold and not a kick-me-on-my-ass cold, as I really don't have time for the latter. I blame being in close quarters with dozens of people whom I haven't seen all summer and who have, somewhere along the line, picked up and passed along germs. Blerg. I also can't believe that classes start in a week--well, a little over a week. I'm still wavering on my class schedule, and as of this moment, I'm only definitely taking Business Associations and Negotiations. I'm enrolled in Federal Jurisdiction as well as the U.S. Supreme Court, but I need to drop one or the other of those two. I was all Fed Jur gung-ho at first, but seeing as how I'm going to be verrrrry busy this semester, a challenging class like that might not do wonders for my GPA. The U.S. Supreme Court promises to be a little less demanding and the prof got some stellar course ratings last year--but that was for a seminar, not a lecture, so I don't know if the change in class structure will make a difference. I'm also enrolled in Computers & the Law, whose subject matter is right up my alley, but if I can make Directed Reading & Research work out in conjunction with my journal topic, I'll have to drop the seminar, I think. I'm coming into this semester with 4 credits from the summer Judicial Practicum and it just doesn't make sense to hang onto them and cash them in at a later date. 13-credit semester, here I come.

In more "fun" news, the Boy and I saw Little Miss Sunshine yesterday, and it was great. The theater was packed, too, with latecomers sitting on the floor in the aisles, and this was for a 3:30pm showing! The buzz around this film must be ridiculous. Anyway, it's genuinely funny, and the climax of the film is gasp-out-loud hysterical, but the characters seem real, not merely caricatures, which makes the whole experience a lot more meaningful. Steve Carell is a wonder, to be sure, but the film is generally well-cast (especially Greg Kinnear as the failing motivational speaker). Definitely worth seeing.

Also, my ninth They Might Be Giants concert was this past Friday at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I had no idea what to expect, never having attended a Zoo Show before, but the stage was in an... odd location. I mean, we ended up parking ourselves in a nook between a blanket and some folding chairs right in front of the stage, but some people had to sit waaaaaay off stage right because the lawn seating area was not very deep. First opening act was Tally Hall, who looked young enough to be still in high school but who played a solid quirky-pop set. These guys clearly grew up listening to artists like TMBG and their music reflects similar lyric sensibilities, only with the addition of more harmonies (three of them take turns singing lead vocals). I was pleased enough by their set that I intend on checking them out further--I'm sure they have a myspace, as all the kids these days do.

Second opening act was The Bad Examples. They played an hour and fifteen minutes, which was about an hour too long. They weren't terrible, they just were wholly unremarkable and boring. Enough said.

Anyway, TMBG were awesome. I realized when they whipped out "Dang [sic--it was an all-ages show, friends] Good Times" that I hadn't seen them since '03, so anything off The Spine was totally new-sounding live. The set was resoundingly upbeat--seriously, I think "New York City" was the slowest song. We got some crowd-pleasing faves like "The Guitar" and "No One Knows My Plan" (with Flans getting downright testy about the crowd's inability to either a) conga or b) get out of the way of the conga line), classics (yay for "Birdhouse" and "Don't Let's Start"--but when it came to "Particle Man" and "Istanbul," honestly? John and John sounded bored, but the newbies demand to hear them, I suppose), and some from-left-field choices--"The Famous Polka"? "We're The Replacements"???!! I loved that "Spider" went right into "The Guitar," as that's the way I expect it after hearing those two songs on tape/CD so many times. Also, I don't think I've ever seen them play outside before, nor for quite so all-ages a show, so there was definitely a different energy and enthusiasm than I remember from, say, the string of shows I saw at Toad's back in the day. They mentioned that they're working on new songs, too, which just warms my heart. I mean, these guys were MY first band. Even though I'm not so over-the-top crazy about them as I was ten (or fifteen?!) years ago, I'm still thrilled to see them perform, and I'll still keep buying whatever music they release. I will scream the words to "James K. Polk" (though I do miss the confetti cannon), I will annoy others with my poor imitation of the "Ana Ng" dance, and I will jump and jump and jump through "Twisting," just like the first time I heard it so many years ago.

Wow, this was a long post. Before I go do more firm research, please keep my mommy in your thoughts and prayers. She's having surgery tomorrow and everything should go well, but I worry--and I worry more because I'm far away. I'm going home over Labor Day, though, so I'll see her soon. Thanks, friends.

circling all round the sun

Terrorists are scary, to be sure, but it's this sort of thing that makes me really freak out about flying. I know, I know, statistically, you're in a lot more danger in your car. But I appreciate the control I have as the driver of my vehicle--not that the pilots aren't trained, but if they screw up, it's my life on the line... whereas if I screw up driving and hurt myself, it's my own damn fault. Also, being in the air is just so unforgiving--a crash from 10,000 feet is a crash you're not likely to survive, while a car crash seems to offer you a few more viable options for survival.

Anyway, I'm not sure I have much of a point, other than I'm not really an anxious flier. I've traveled frequently by air over the years and I've never even lost a bag (nor, thankfully, my lunch). I just don't care for takeoffs and landings, mostly because of stories like this one. Also, I've heard most flying mishaps happen during takeoff/landing (Bruce, want to back me up on this?).

And since I'm going to be doing some flying in the coming weeks... yeah. I just hope my pilots take the correct runway.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

nevertheless this alien remains illegal

All I can say is if 2 Skinnee J's were still touring, the International Planetary Coalition or whatever it's called would NOT have demoted this small remote to affiliate. Oh, well. Sorry, kids. Small minds, apparantly, can't see past Uranus, after all.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the screen doors of discretion

From FakeGayNews.com, via the Nields Nook (via my father, if we're being detail-oriented here):

Iowa Not Like Dar Williams Song, Report Disappointed Lesbians


Anyway. Four interviews down, five tomorrow, two (maaaybe three, if I can get on another firm's list) on Thursday, and then I get a three-day break. Oh, and orientation for 1Ls begins this Friday! I can't believe it. I totally remember the stress of it all last year, and while I'm certainly under a lot of stress now (and STILL sleeping really poorly, dagnabbit), it's entirely different. The faces in the halls are friendly (or, at least, familiar), I know my way around, and I have a confidence that I lacked for, well, much of first year, to be honest. I don't know when my insecurity cracked--maybe it was during my externship/judicial practicum, maybe it was taking some time to be with folks from other parts of my life this summer, but I feel a lot more take-charge now than I did then. Hopefully this exuberance is being reflected in my interviews--I am a strong, fun, smart person who knows what she's doing (at least, for the moment), and you WANT to hire me!

...right. Anyway. I am going to bed earlier tonight, so I'm researching one more firm and hitting the sack. If I can get through tomorrow, the worst scheduling day is over, so it should be relatively smooth sailing from there on out. I hope.

Monday, August 21, 2006

yours to keep if you want me

OCI began today--that's "on-campus interviewing," for the uninitiated. I ranked 50 firms and received twenty 20-min screening interviews over the course of the next two weeks, the goal of each being a half-day callback at the firm's HQ. I only had one today, but I have three tomorrow and five (!) on Wednesday, so it's not all fun and games, believe me. This being a somewhat public blog, I don't want to talk about the OCI process in any more than vague terms--suffice it to say that I'll report back with good news and, probably, slide bad news under the rug (perhaps I'll wave my hands and distract you with the Flaming Lips or Little Miss Sunshine or something). I'm getting a lot of positive support from The Boy, The Career Counselor, and The Mom (though that last one is genuinely chipper about everything I do in law school, having little or no knowledge of the conventional wisdom surrounding any of this, so I take it all willingly but with many grains of salt). I'm not sure I'll believe any of their optimism till I get a callback, though. Supposedly Firm #1 will let us know by the end of the week.

So, I wait. Twiddle the thumbs, casually research tomorrow's firms, watch a Grey's Anatomy rerun and an old ep of Alias that Friend Matt zapped to me (just what I need, another TV show to get hooked on, albeit a cancelled one). Fortunately, the next round of interviews doesn't start till after lunch, so I can take a somewhat leisurely morning and drink my tea out of a mug rather than a to-go cup. More than anything, though, I really, really hope I stop sublimating my stress into physical ailments, because I feel as though someone has jabbed a letter opener into the right side of my neck and has begun to twist it, slowly, every time I try to tilt my head to the left.

Yeah, alright, smartass, I won't try to tilt my head to the left anymore. But maybe a sound, peaceful night's sleep will help. Sigh.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

oh, I'm ready for it

Saw Snakes on a Plane.

My recommendation? See it in a theater with as many people as possible. You will laugh together, you will hiss together, and when Samuel L. says his famous line (which comes remarkably late in the film, and it seems like after all that happens, it's a particularly odd straw that breaks his camel's back, but whatever), you will clap and cheer. There was a bit of this going on at our 2:30pm screening yesterday, but I would've rather seen it later in the day with a bigger crowd. The snakes are cgi-craptastic, the plot is as flimsy as an airsickness bag, and the characters are, for the most part, stereotype-arrific, but seriously? SO MUCH FUN. Between the snake-vision, gratuitous violence/nudity and sheer absurdity of having snakes from all over the world on a plane to kill one guy... yeah. It's grrrrreat.

Also, if you bring your own (fake!) snake and attempt to bite your friends/loved ones with whom you're seeing the film, it adds to the majesty of the occasion.

Also, I kind of like that Cobra Starship song. eeek! But in my defense, it's rather catchy, the video is glossy and funny, and it's the perfect campy song for a campy film. C'mon, bring it...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

you really think you're in control?

Great article about how record companies need to start adapting their business model in order to stay relevant in the modern music industry. While I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to get the newest album by "actress-singer" Mandy Moore or, god help me, "the remnants of star 90's grunge acts Stone Temple Pilots and Filter," I think it's important that major record labels wake up and start understanding that they are increasingly irrelevant to artistic success. Before the internet and the direct access to fans that it provides, sure--a major label could reach the corners of the country that you personally could not. But now? What up-and-coming artist would so readily sign away HUGE percentages of their music rights for a crummy advance and the chance at making a music video no one will see? It makes a lot more sense to use the labels as distribution outlets and to do the rest in-house, if possible, to keep the royalties from your music sales in your pockets rather than someone else's. That being said, the Decemberists' major-label debut drops in a matter of weeks, so they must've felt something was missing with Kill Rock Stars that Capitol could give them instead. I'd be curious to see what provisions their contract entails. (Also, I'm really, really excited to hear the album. But I've digressed.)

I did listen to Gnarls Barkley, and I'm rather bummed. I *heart* "Crazy" (I don't listen to the radio, so I'm not tired of it yet) and love "Smiley Faces," so I thought I'd be safe buying the whole album. Alas. There's a dullness to it--is it overproduction? I hesitate to call it that, because the two aforementioned singles are drenched in production and they're still great. "The Last Time" caught my ear, but everything else is too all over the place (or, in the case of "Feng Shui," too darn short) to really stick with me. Sad. Should've just bought the singles like everyone else. Oh, well.

was it a story, or was it a song?

Alright, kids--finalized just in time for CEDARPOINT OMG, my third annual summer mix!

Summer Sounds '06:
1. Mellowdrone - Oh My
2. Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces
3. Teddybears Stockholm - Yours to Keep
4. Office - Wound Up
5. Of Montreal - The Party's Crashing Us
6. The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
7. Longwave - There's a Fire
8. Oh No! Oh My! - Walk in the Park
9. Jim Noir - Eanie Meany
10. Tarkio - Eva Luna
11. The Raconteurs - Steady as She Goes
12. Duels - What We Did Wrong
13. Golden Smog - 5-22-02
14. Belle & Sebastian - The Blues Are Still Blue
15. Headlights - Lullabies
16. Guster - Satellite
17. Bravo Silva - I Can't Say Goodbye
18. Oppenheimer - Breakfast in NYC
19. Matt Pond PA - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
20. Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
21. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

At the very least, I think it's turned out pretty darn well because I can't stop listening to it--I was genuinely disappointed when Project Runway came on because it meant turning off my playlist. It's also new music-rich, so those of you who prefer to use mix cds as a gateway to discovering new artists should be pleased. And it's heavy on fun, bright, poppy tunes, because it's summer (for a few more weeks) and school's out (for a bit longer), so the accompanying soundtrack ought to evoke sunshine and breeziness, with maybe a hint of edge for those dark, humid nights. I went on an iTunes binge and got new albums by the Pipettes, Gnarls Barkley, the Raconteurs and the Flaming Lips (that last one didn't make the CD, but that's only because their tunes work so fantastically well as part of an album that I couldn't pick one favorite. SERIOUSLY recommend At War With the Mystics), so I'll report back with reviews of those shortly.

And finally, courtesy of friend Erica, a test run of Magnum in line (also an inadvertant Pepsi ad):

But don't forget to watch out for snakes (and, um, a 5-ticket lizard) on a plane!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dance with me, it'll be all right

Hi there, reader. I'm back! And I'll write more soon, but suffice to say that I suffered through two liquid and gel-free flights and am not the worse for wear (and my liquid-filled checked bag arrived safely at both ends of the journey, proving my fears of bag loss baseless once more). I do encourage you to check out our group blog for details of our trip, philosophical ruminations about what exactly constitutes a liquid and/or gel, as well as just how EXTREME! we are.

Also, I have some swell college pals. Who else would ride the Magnum rollercoaster four times just to keep trying to successfully be photographed doing Magnum on Magnum? Next summer Dollywood won't know what hit it...

Friday, August 11, 2006

with all your power

So Sanjida did a whole bunch of these, which piqued my interest to do a couple, as well. Apologies for the lack of real content, but sometimes a girl's gotta meme.

You Are A Fig Tree

You are very independent and strong minded.
A hard worker when you want to be, you play hard too.
You are honest and loyal. You hate contradiction or arguments.
You love life, and you live for your friends, children, and animals.
A great sense of humor, artistic talent, and intelligence are all gifts you possess.

They clearly need higher standards:

You Are 10% Weird

You're totally, completely normal.
And that's pretty darn weird!

I don't know what a dosha is (wikipedia, here I come), but I don't think this one's particularly accurate. My memory isn't spotty and I don't find new people unsettling. I agree that I get onto "kicks" where I'm really passionate about something for a few months and then stop... but that's primarily regarding food, to be honest. Anyway, here goes:

Your Dosha is Vata

Creative and restless, you take in all of life's pleasures (maybe a little too much!).
You're quick witted and very talkative, but you also tend to have a spotty memory.
You tend to get very into ideas, people, and lifestyles... but only for a short time.
It's difficult to hold your attention, and you sometimes feel with what life has to offer.

With friends: You are very uncomfortable in new situations or with new people

In love: You fall in and out of love very easily

To achieve more balance: Live in a warm climate and spend some quiet time in nature

And a couple follow-up thoughts from yesterday: This Salon article expresses my thoughts about the whole terror threat situation very well (there are also some worthwhile letters in the comments section on both sides of the issue). Yes, I get that it's not the shampoo, but the possibility of something that looks like shampoo yet could be turned into a bomb. But where does it stop? Aren't we all at risk, to some degree, every time we fly? And if the liquid explosive threat has been around for years, why ban liquids now, when such a terror plot has been recently foiled (and not by security checkpoint screening, I might add)? I don't know, but what I do know is that if these regulations are permanent, I'm going to be a hell of a lot less inclined to fly anyplace within a 700-mile radius. Thank God I'm turning 25 in a few months and can therefore rent cars with impunity, though that's just swapping the frustration of air travel with the crushing expense of gasoline.

Honestly? I think it could all just be part of the Samuel L. Jackson media hype machine (clever, getting the REAL British police in on the action!). This quote from the woxy message boards has the right idea:

"It's good to see the 007 foiled another plot. Good going James! Also, are Snakes listed as liquid? They should not allow snakes on the plane."

...right. At any rate, I've got a Meerkat Manor and a Project Runway on tape, and I also have a couple hours till I need to go to the courthouse (for the last time this summer!). Hmm. What to do, what to do...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

oh my, what a wonderful day

Just in case anyone missed the TSA announcement this morning and the associated news articles...

So, if liquid bombs made out of shampoo and hair gel (sounds sticky, not scary) are terrorist de rigeur now, does this mean our days of traveling carry-on only are once and for all over? Because I don't know about you, but I don't have the discretionary income to buy all of my toiletries new every time I travel, only to throw them out before I re-board the plane home. I'm scared to death of losing my bag (even though it's never happened to me, knock frantically on my wooden desk) and I love the convenience of not having to wait forever at the baggage carousel when I'm taking a short trip (like I'm doing this Saturday--oh, the timing, it's exquisite). I also really feel for the travelers who've gotten caught by this new regulation--if it had happened three weeks ago, while I was camping for four days and blissfully free of internet and other forms of news communication, I'd be the one chucking body wash and lotion left and right (or, more probably, biting the bullet and checking my bag). There but for the grace of God, and all.

I know I'm talking about this new rule like it's permanent, and while I'm sure we won't stay at "high" threat level forever, I can certainly see the whole "no liquids" thing taking root even after we're back to our normal "elevated" level, assuming liquid bombs are the threat that the media is making them out to be (which, of course, is a pretty grand assumption). It's also worth noting that you can't take bottled water on your flight anymore (at least, I think that's what they mean, assuming "sterile area" = post-screening airport gate realm), and don't even try to finagle a cup of starbucks or a soda. This pisses me off, honestly. Dehydration is nobody's friend, and it's not like commercial carriers in this day of bankruptcies and cutbacks are falling all over themselves to offer you a beverage. Perhaps now is the time to start a rainy-day fund for my own private jet. Hm. I think I've got a couple quarters lying around...

Monday, August 07, 2006

girl, you got those eyes that see

Well, I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but here we go again:

Vote for Foxy in the latest Stuff on My Cat contest!

Er, Foxy Fruvous, that is (her full name this time, as insisted upon by my mother). She's actually received 3% of the vote without my even checking the website until just a moment ago, so good for her! However, Bendi and Natasha have an almost insurmountable lead, so I doubt we've got it in the bag this time, either. Oh, well. There's some totally unsolicited praise for her craziness in the comments, including someone who got the band reference in her name (and who I believe is the same Rhiannon from the Nields Nook, so it's a small intarweb after all).

I have had Raconteurs songs in my head all day. I've never been moved to go out and buy a White Stripes album, but I don't think I can survive much longer without Broken Boy Soldiers. August is such a rough time of year in terms of wishing for things, as it's a good 5 months until gift-giving season for yours truly. Guess I have to pony up the cash myself (or convince The Boy that he needs the album, as well, and that "fair use" of his personal copy includes burning a backup to stash at his girlfriend's apartment. You know, just in case of fire or flood at his place. Can't be too careful about these things).

Friday, August 04, 2006

even though you've made it pretty obscure

I've been meaning to write a post about my take on internet anonymity for a long time, but kept putting it off in favor of the World Series of Pop Culture and other such Important Thoughts and Commentary.

But, as my attention's been drawn to this article, I suppose now's as good a time as any:

Hi, Mr. or Ms. Future Employer. You can find me on the internet. It's not difficult. Yes, I'm on Facebook, I'm on MySpace (even Friendster, but like, who uses Friendster anymore? psssshhh). But I've been google-able for years, even before googling people became commonplace, and there's not really much I can do about it. The nice part is that my life is a fairly open book and I don't feel like I have anything to hide. You'll discover that I once spent a lot of time talking about a now-defunct band. You'll find references to my college radio days and possibly some stuff about the undergrad glee club or my a cappella group. There's an archived email I wrote to a photographer telling him that I liked his photos of another favorite band. I once filled out an "honourary Canadian" certificate. I got railroaded into giving a presentation about my senior thesis to my e-commerce class (and the powerpoint presentation might live on forever). Perhaps most embarrassingly, I received a tepid review in a college play. But sorry, Matt--the horrendously unflattering fuzzy boot photo in front of the bowling alley has long since vanished (as has, somewhat fittingly, the bowling alley itself).

As far as this blog goes, I thought about removing the link to my website/from my website. But I'm pretty self-sanitizing when I write here (liek omg my personal life stays personal, kthxbye) and I really feel like what you'll learn from this blog is that I love music, I collect nuggets of pop culture knowledge, I can wind myself pretty tightly when I'm stressed but hopefully I still manage to be fun and mildly entertaining while under duress. I know better than to say things that should be kept to myself, which might make this a less-interesting blog than those that maintain some semblance of anonymity and can therefore post more freely.

I won't apologize for that, though. I write for me more than anybody else, and secondly, I write for people who know me but whom I don't see often and who therefore might care about what I'm up to. I appreciate anybody else who's out there reading, certainly, but I'm not actively trying to cultivate a broad audience. The power of the internet is crazy and unpredictable and I've been on board for ten years now (expect a retrospective in November, the 10-year anniversary--I'm big on landmark anniversaries, as you may have noticed. I love birthdays, too--mine and everyone else's), so I like to think I have the hang of it. I pity these kids who need an orientation class to tell them not to post underage photos of drinking or doing drugs (I've never done drugs, Mr. or Ms. Employer, and I'm not a big drinker. I don't smoke, either, and I avoid red meat and a lot of fried foods, so I won't run up your company insurance plan premiums, I promise).

But the violinist in Salt Lake City? Sorry, that's not me. I'm not dead, either, all obituary evidence to the contrary.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

just last night I was reminded of

I went to Panera again for lunch today (I know, I'm weak--but I thought I'd be outta the court building by lunchtime so I didn't pack a sammich, and I do enjoy the free wi-fi) and was in the mood for some soup, since the heat spell has broken and the Dirksen building was freeeezing. I definitely told the woman behind the counter that I wanted french onion soup in a bread bowl, and I definitely got chicken and wild rice soup in a bread bowl. And just like the Rolling Stones say, I didn't get what I thought I wanted (or even what I said I wanted), but it turned out that the chicken rice soup was awesome, and exactly the hearty, warm lunch I needed to get me through the afternoon.

In law-school-related news, I received 20 introductory OCI interviews, which includes interviews with nine of my top 10 ranked firms, so I'm pretty pleased. Most of the interviews are with New York firms, though, so I guess I should have ranked my Chicago firms higher. All those dozens of slots--gone before my name popped up! I forgot that I'm attending school with a bunch of classmates who wouldn't mind staying in this city. Oh, well--the easier to possibly-attend-Falconridge-next-summer with, my dear.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

wise up blow town baby


I don't read that many music blogs. 8, or 9, maybe? But I think I need to pare my list down further. Why, you ask?


Take your photos, "reviews," and other commentary and save it for someone who gives a rat's ass. My ethernet connection and I thank you.

(sorry. I have a lot going on right now. I'd probably be in a more magnanimous mood if I weren't under so much stress. narrrghpfffbtth.)