Sunday, April 30, 2006

are you fine with your surroundings?

Aw, man. "River Valley" just came up on my iPod's shuffle. I can't tell you the last time I actually listened to a Fruvous song.

Damn it, I miss those guys. All good things, as they say...

something in me almost breaks

Quizno's plays good music.

A year ago (or more? I can't remember) I posted on my ol' webpage (which hasn't been updated in forEVer, my apologies) about hearing Semisonic's "One True Love" on my lunch hour and how it totally made my day. Well, last night I heard Tracy Bonham's "Something Beautiful," which just filled my little heart with joy. GREAT song, and not exactly what you hear on the radio all the time (or is it? I don't really listen to the radio, save for the snippets that wake me up in the morning. Today I got "I Am the Walrus," but Sundays are WXRT's Breakfast with the Beatles, so it wasn't entirely surprising).

Huh. I think more of this post is parenthetical than not. (oh, well.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

leave all this misery behind

omg! Turin Brakes have been added to iTunes!

"Big deal," you say. "Who are they?" you say.

Well, truthfully, I don't really know. All I know is that two and a half years ago, I had the idea to do a 4-cd massive theme mix of seasonal songs, and even though summer songs are by far the easiest to come across, my anchor song, one that I'd been hearing constantly on 97X and kind of gave me the idea in the first place, was Turin Brakes's "Painkiller," whose chorus is "Summer rain, dripping down your face again, summer rain, praying someone feels the same..."

...anyhow. Suffice to say, I searched the legal channels (and one decidedly non-legal channel)--couldn't locate it and wasn't prepared to fork over the cash for a CD that might suck, save for that one song. But now? Now I can sample the entire album (and I'll probably buy the whole damn thing--18 tracks for the price of 10? why not?), buy their latest album and even an iTunes exclusive live session, if I want. It's glorious. And most importantly, I can finally finish this mix, which I'll do as soon as my school obligations are through for the year. This is so exciting. I literally got chills listening to the iTunes sample.

I'm such a dork when it comes to music.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

we fuse like a family

quickie post, because I have lots to do and not much time in which to do it:

First exam tomorrow. I actually feel... ready? I could be more ready, which is what the rest of the afternoon/evening is for, but on the whole, I'm dealing with exams in a MUCH healthier manner than I did 4 months ago.

Of course, check in with me a week from now--I may be singing a far different tune. But Con Law is first, and it promises to be my most, er, rigorous, so hopefully it's smooth(er) sailing from here on out.

Oh, and the Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab show last Wednesday? *awesome.* Worth taking a night off from studying, believe me. I still want to see a longer Death Cab set, because they picked some odd song selections given that they could only play an hour (and, I'm sorry, Ben, but a gratuitous drum solo BY YOU is not necessary. None of us came to see Death Cab "jam"--well, except for that toked-up kid in back, but he can deal). Oh, well. They're coming back for Lollapalooza in August (with another gratuitous drum solo for what promises to be another hour-long set? only time will tell), so I'll try again then.

Right. Back to work. Oh, and I've got a team blog going on with some college pals o'mine. Click on my profile and check it out--we're all reasonably witty folk, so it promises to be a good time for all. (Though possibly not for icky Helena Bonham Carter.)

Friday, April 14, 2006

hold me, wrap me up

Man, it was beautiful out there today. Like summer! Which is grand, but I'd enjoy a little more "spring" in my April, please. 80 degrees will be lovely in late May; right now, it feels like I blinked and missed something. Fortunately, my desktop weather widget assures me that mid-60 degree days will be back in vogue next week... not that it matters, because I'll be indoors studying for exams. Blah.

You know, studying for my last set of exams was a challenge in and of itself, for many reasons, not the least of which was the whole factor-of-the-unknown thing. I at least have some idea of what I'm up against now... but the weather is SO pretty. I don't want to be inside! I don't wanna! *throws tantrum*

Anyhow. Saw Girlyman and Richard Shindell earlier this week; both great shows. Tomorrow is Peter Mulvey *and* John Vanderslice, then Elbow on Sunday. We had our Habeas Chorus spring concert yesterday and I think it went pretty well--we definitely *sounded* better than ever. FINALLY sang "Both Sides Now" for the first time since October (*sigh*), but got some positive responses from folks afterward, so it's only folks in Habeas that hate the song, I guess. Blargh.

Right. Enough of a study break--back to Con Law.

*bangs head on desk*

Saturday, April 08, 2006

you don't know what you do to me



Oh. Hello there, reader. Me again, you know, blogging, or whatever the kiddies call it these days.

Not much to report... we had our Wigmore Part Deux party last night, and it was fun, for sure... but already I could feel the closure. I mean, six members of our cast are graduating in a month and they've all got jobs elsewhere pulling them away. (Or, if they're staying in Chicago, they'll be crazy-busy with work and "real life," whatever that is.) What sucks is that just when I feel like I've gotten to know these folks, I've got to say goodbye. I suppose that crappy-ass "reason, season, lifetime" cliche about friendships is more apropos in situations like these than I'd like to give it credit for... but I'm also a highly sentimental person, so a little grieving over the passage of time and related losses is par for the course.


And what's worse? What am I filling the void with? F*cking outlining and exam prep, that's what. Talk about pouring salt on the wound. Pardon me, I must self-flagellate a bit more. Those of you who prefer my whining woe-is-me posts to the cheery life-is-super! entries, you're in luck. Exams start Apr 24, so I'll be bemoaning life any minute now. Just you wait.

Monday, April 03, 2006

we're leaving together, but still it's farewell

oh, man. What a week it's been.

Wigmore Follies '06, aka Back to the Follies, are naught but a memory, but what a wonderful memory. SO MUCH FUN. I have no idea how we'll top it next year. I won't miss the hideous turquoise parachute pants I had to wear for much of the show (nor the pink lace confection I wore the rest of it, and don't get me started on how indestructible Wet 'n Wild lipstick is), but I will miss singing, dancing and laughing with one hell of a group of talented people. I'm currently listening to the mix of songs from the show that our producer made us and feeling pretty darn nostalgic... we're partying again this Friday, but I already know that it won't be the same. The cast party last Saturday night was inSANE, and coupled with daylight savings time, I didn't get home till 6:30am... and had to be up at 9:15 for my Segway tour of Chicago with the 'rents. Lemme tell you: Segways are awesome. I bet they're even more awesome when you're not exhausted, dehydrated, and shivering because you failed to plan accordingly for the 35-degree drizzly weather. *sigh* It was great to see the fam again, though, and friend Dara, who came to Chicago for meeee--well, ok, she came for Chris Martin and his boys on Friday night, but she did see Wigmore on Saturday.

Anyway. Time to dig myself out of the academic hole into which I fell last week. Except I can't concentrate, because songs keep running through my head, and I want nothing more than to tire myself out by hopping, kicking, and over-enunciating "Hook Me Up With Notes from Civ Pro"... but I won't, ever again.

It's been four years since I've been in a play of any kind. Four years! I can't believe that. Gee whiz, how I've missed being onstage. Here's to hoping we can recreate the magic with Wigmore '07...