Saturday, March 29, 2008

the shadow of the modern machine

Back from Thailand!

And not sick with the flu anymore, thank god. The Tamiflu/Mucinex one-two punch is a winning combination--I was feeling much better by the end of that weekend. Thailand is a pretty amazing country, and I've discovered that it may not be possible for me ever to tire of Thai food. Mmmm. More soon, but I've been up for 25 hours right now, not counting the crappy hour or two of sleep I grabbed on one of my two flights today, and I've got a killer sleep-deprivation headache that needs to be kicked in the ass before I can attempt anything else.

Hope these last two weeks have treated you well, dear reader. It's pushing Spring here in Chicago, and that's all I could have hoped to return to. In other words, NO MORE SNOW. Mother Nature, you're on notice.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

you cried and you cried and you cried and you cried

So, I have the flu. Again.

I have the flu again, and I leave for Thailand tomorrow.

If I don't die, you'll hear from me next when I get back in 2 weeks... though the law school musical is right when I get back, so who knows when you'll hear from me?

Anyway, on my way back from the doctor, I walked by the Hershey store, and realized that I'd seen those dresses they had in the window before. Yes, dresses. PROJECT RUNWAY dresses:

So cool! If you're in Chicago (and a fan of the show), you should definitely check them out. I don't recommend getting the flu, though. That part sucks. And it sucks doubly when you get it twice in two weeks.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

just like we are, you'll be dust

How did I miss this last year? I realize I'm the last one on the Demetri Martin bandwagon (...ladies), but I've been a Travis fan for forever. Who knew they did a video together?

In other news, still busy, thanks, but I do believe there's a little light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe it's the headlight of an approaching train! Nyuk nyuk.

Monday, March 03, 2008

when you're not home

I'm sorry I'm not writing here much these days. I'm kind of insanely busy right now. Like, if I've ever said that before, I didn't mean it. There is literally more that I have to do immediately, right now, due yesterday, etc than there are hours in which to do it. It's going to require some major triage on my part over the next several days to get over this hump--a lot of it is fallout from getting really sick last week and not having the wherewithal to do much of anything mentally, let alone physically. I think I might be feeling a little better now, as I've gotten kind of a second wind, but a second wind at 12:20 isn't much good at all when I need to go to bed so I can actually and for seriously get better.

So, yeah. I'm sorry. I'm also sorry that there hasn't been an exam recovery... yet. I mean it--I have songs, I just need to organize them, and maybe I'll be able to get to that while I travel to Thailand? It breaks my heart not to have sent this out, but it's a luxury compared to everything else that needs doing. This also applies to phone calls--if you're an out-of-town friend and you've called recently, I love you and I'm sorry I suck, and I will do my best to get in touch as soon as I can.

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to mention is that the TV show Breaking Bad is really amazing, and if you haven't been watching it, you should have. Unfortunately the season finale is next week (it only ran for, what, eight weeks?), so you've pretty much missed it if you haven't been watching AMC since January. But it's a very realistic depiction of what living with cancer must be like, and watching tonight's episode, it struck me that I haven't ever had anyone close to me go through chemo or anything like that. I knew what it entailed, vaguely, but I have a much better understanding of the harsh, difficult realities of it all. Also, I loved Bryan Cranston as Malcolm's dad back in the day, but he's even better here. So awesome.

Oh, and don't think because I've been watching one TV show that I don't know what I'm talking about re: my lack of time. It's a disaster, folks. Here's to hoping I can get through this week.