Monday, January 23, 2006

la la la I can't hear you

Wow, I'm busy. How do these things sneak up on you like this? I have about eight things to do on Tuesday (committee meetings, meetings w/ professors, talking to my public interest law mentor, a contract-drafting project), and I'm seeing Colin Meloy tomorrow night, so I need to get two nights' worth of reading done tonight... I meant to clean my apartment this weekend, and that totally didn't happen. I meant to make much greater inroads on my legal writing project--and that didn't happen, either. ARRRGH. The bright spot is that we had our first Wigmore Follies readthrough tonight, and it was REALLY funny and a lot of fun. I'm so looking forward to being a part of this production. (March 31 and April 1--come to Chicago! it'll be a great time!)

Soooo... yeah. It's not even February yet and panic is already beginning to set in. I just need to be uber-productive, and I'm not succeeding. Perhaps a nice, swift, kick in the ass (kick in the ass... kick in the ass...) would help. Or, you know, some discipline. Whatever.

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