Friday, August 10, 2007

so little else occupying my head

I am totally freaking awesome.

Because only I can stand up quickly in the bar restroom at my last Work Club event, excited that Kaiser Chiefs' "Ruby" was on the PA, and not notice the shiny freaking huge metal handdryer right over the toilet. I hit my head so hard I saw stars, almost threw up, could barely see straight and now have an enormous lump up there. Totally awesome, right? I am so poised it kills me.

So, that's one way to celebrate the end of summer. Another way would've been going out w/ some work friends this evening, as planned, but my head still hurts like hell, so I think I'll just go back to napping (as I have been for the last two hours--don't you envy my rockstar Friday night?). I missed Meerkat Manor's first new ep this season, but it's being re-run in less than an hour (woo), so I think I'll watch that, too. I wanted my summer to end with a bang, but not like this, not like this.

For those keeping track, though, Work Club gave me a job offer today, so they apparently want me back despite the attenuating liability concerns stemming from my abject clutziness. My fierce legal research skillz are worth their weight in potential worker's comp claims, I suppose. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Ok. So what in the name of something something is a handdryer doing over a toilet? Isn't that rather odd? And I don't blame you for getting excited about "Ruby". I always get excited when I hear a song that was on one of your ExRec over the PA. I've heard Save Room before in a grocery store and was like grooving and singing along like a dork. Fortunately, it was early morning and no one was there :) Take the job. I think. Ish.

ericat13 said...

I'm gonna have to agree on the silliness of putting the hand dryer over the toilet -- seriously, was this bathroom any bigger than a stall? -- but YAY on the job offer! I won't ask yet about whether you'll accept, but YAY on having a plan B regardless of what happens with clerkships or squirrelships or whatever weird lawyer-y options you have for next year...

Unknown said...

ditto- hand dryer- what? why?
but i feel you on the head injury. i've smacked my head on random things more often than i'd like to admit and it always makes me so angry!!!

oh- and congrats on the job offer!!!