Thursday, December 06, 2007

blurry even without light

I love that WOXY is including Nada Surf's "Blizzard of '77" on their Holiday Mixer, because it's totally in my Christmas playlist, too. hee. Other non-holiday-yet-holiday-ish songs on my playlist:

AFI, "Love Like Winter" (who is this? why do I have this song?)
Belle and Sebastian, "Fox in the Snow"
Counting Crows, "A Long December" (obviously)
Death Cab for Cute, "The New Year"
Joshua Radin, "Winter"
Keane, "Snowed Under"
Linkin Park, "My December" (I can't even be embarrassed about this one. I really like it... the embarrassing part was being introduced to it when Josh Groban covered it in concert. Sigh.)
The Long Winters, "Cinnamon" (This one's hard to explain... you'll have to trust me. It would be facially easier to relate if it were entitled "Nutmeg," or possibly "Vanilla Extract")
Moxy Fruvous, "It's Too Cold"
The Nields, "Snowman"
Rufus Wainwright, "Hallelujah" (blah blah Jeff Buckley blah blah)
Sarah McLachlan, "Fallen" (from listening to it in a cold car on a cold December night four years ago. I do have her holiday album, though)
Sister Hazel, "Your Winter"
Sting, "All Four Seasons" (this one led off a holiday collection I got at Bath & Body Works a couple years ago. The "Classics" disc of the 2-disc set also features Michael McDonald's "On Christmas Morning," whom I now can't think of without mentally chuckling about either the 40-Year-Old Virgin or the New Pornographers' green screen contest... but I digress)
Tori Amos, "Winter"

Also, apropos of nothing, I totally love "River." What a lovely, lovely song.

Anyway, the worst part about this Holiday Mixer is that it keeps introducing me to MORE CHRISTMAS MUSIC I NEED. I had no idea that the Dandy Warhols covered "Little Drummer Boy," but there it is, on an Indie Christmas collection that came out in September (?). I'd buy it in a second... except there are two Decemberists songs on there I already own, so maybe I should just grab a couple of the songs off iTunes? I've already bought the Killers' Christmas offering this year (mostly on the strength of this wacky video), so perhaps I should stick to the holiday songs I have...

(But Jack White has one! Nellie McKay has one! How have I not heard about these songs?)

...or maybe I should just stick to getting my work done. Bah. Humbug.


Krista said...

Which River? The Nadas River? Because that's been in heavy rotation on my iPod all semester :)

Thanks for the WOXY link - it's a nice change from the WYEP stream I usually listen to while studying!

Anonymous said...

The Walkmen's "Blizzard of '96" is my favorite blizzard-related song. Coincidentally, it's also my second-favorite blizzard, right after the President's Day Nor'easter of '03.

Anonymous said...

If you REALLY want an indelible image of Michael McDonald (and who doesn't?), you need to head over to YouTube right now, type in "Yacht Rock," and enjoy.

Sweet Jesus, that's smooth!

Anonymous said...

You have "Love Like Winter" from me, I hope... that was the first track of the year.

Put together a list of holiday songs you need. I have a few hundred, and I'm willing to share. Including (I think) a few versions of "River" (but not Joni's, which I kinda want).