Friday, January 25, 2008

ohio's agriculture's based on grain

First Brad, then Heath. Geez. Rough week for celebrities.

I'm quite a bit more shocked/saddened by Heath's passing, mostly because he was the better/more famous actor, but also because I just loved 10 Things I Hate About You. The whole movie will be harder to watch, but particularly that wonderful, exuberant scene where he's singing to Kat in the stadium while she's at soccer practice, his running the lengths of the concrete benches and being carried off by security, so damn full of life--gah. Salon had a nice tribute to him that more or less sums up the way I feel about it--though I've only seen about three of his movies. I'm looking forward to his turn as the Joker, for what it's worth.

Anyway. There's a lot I could be talking about here, like R.E.M.'s shenanigans on the Lower East Side filming their video for "Supernatural Superserious," or the start of Wigmore Follies rehearsals, or volunteering with the kitties again--but my heart's not in it right now. So I'll leave you with two videos: the first, a trailer for Get Smart (which looks pretty darn good, and I'm getting over the casting of Anne Hathaway); and the second, a ridiculous ad for a pretty damn good beverage. But then, I'm generally a sucker for the Diet Dr. Pepper spinoffs.

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