Saturday, March 29, 2008

the shadow of the modern machine

Back from Thailand!

And not sick with the flu anymore, thank god. The Tamiflu/Mucinex one-two punch is a winning combination--I was feeling much better by the end of that weekend. Thailand is a pretty amazing country, and I've discovered that it may not be possible for me ever to tire of Thai food. Mmmm. More soon, but I've been up for 25 hours right now, not counting the crappy hour or two of sleep I grabbed on one of my two flights today, and I've got a killer sleep-deprivation headache that needs to be kicked in the ass before I can attempt anything else.

Hope these last two weeks have treated you well, dear reader. It's pushing Spring here in Chicago, and that's all I could have hoped to return to. In other words, NO MORE SNOW. Mother Nature, you're on notice.

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Justin Rimbo said...

Hooray!! . . . can I interest you in five games of Scrabulous? I've been waiting.