Friday, June 27, 2008

this door is always open

Hmm. Blog.

I've been kind of quiet lately, I know. Part of it is because a lot of what I'm doing is boring as sin (hello, barbri) or not really bloggable, or I feel weird about sharing it because this damn article of a month ago has made me a lot more self-conscious about what I write, made me question my motives, worry that I'm burdening you people with overshared details. But I guess that's all that a blog is, because I'm left with nothing else to say. I've started several posts that I ended up abandoning, I've actually told people in person stories I was going to save for the blog (is that weird, saving stories for the blog? oh, well), because I haven't had that "must blog!" urge in awhile.

...and shoot, this is sounding like a goodbye post. I'm not going away. I hope my blogging urge comes back. But I don't want to force it, either. So how about I promise you that I'll write more when I really have something to say? Till then, keep me on your blogrolls, or in your bookmarks if you're anti-RSS. I'll be back.

And you should get the new We Are Scientists album. I bet their old one's good, too--there are kittens on the cover, so how could it be bad? God knows when I'll be able to buy any other new music, let alone listen to it (narrrgh paycheck--August 25 is so far away), so the stuff I've got'll have to hold me till then. The new Death Cab is growing on me, too, for what it's worth.

And, um, because I opened the overshared door eighteen months ago, Foxy's gone. I really can't say more than that.

Anyway, more soon. Or later. 'Cause time means nothing.

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Anonymous said...

The first We Are Scientists album is really enjoyable. I've never found an answer, but did they get their name from the Cap'n Jazz song, also titled "We Are Scientists?"