Wednesday, March 08, 2006

just tape the numbers to the bed

Well, I emerged from the cave of my CLR brief, still alive.

So this is hedging on a "yay almost-spring-break" post, which may disappoint those of you who seem to delight in my sorrow. (Well, perhaps that's phrasing it incorrectly. But you get my point.) Unfortunately, the beast that is CLR is not yet tamed--there's one more assignment due friday, but it's a short one, and hopefully I can knock it out tonight and wash my hands of the class... till it's time for moot court oral arguments, anyway. But that won't be till April.

In other news, I have some shockingly 80s costume-wear for Wigmore, I have tickets to see the New Pornographers/Belle & Sebastian on Friday, and friend Erica is coming to visit on Saturday! We're road-tripping up to Milwaukee to see Ben Folds on Sunday, and then after she leaves Tuesday I'll be seeing Jenny Lewis's solo gig here in Chicago. yaaaay concerts! Makes up for missing BOTH Aqualung AND Nada Surf this past weekend. Yet another reason I harbor such vitriol for CLR.

And finally, one more development: I've been appointed president of Habeas Chorus for the coming year! I just found out yesterday, so it's still sinking in. I'm very excited, though. My main institutional goal is to get us a website ASAP after exams, because as an admitted student last summer, I was bummed not to be able to find out more about the Habeas audition process online. I'll keep you posted as this project progresses.

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