Tuesday, May 02, 2006

don't let it slip away

Yeah, so, it's gorgeous outside. 70 degrees, says my weather widget. Sunny, say the light receptors in my pupils. Humid? dunno. Possibly, since it's rained the last couple days, and it's supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow...

...but I WOULDN'T know, because I HAVEN'T BEEN OUTSIDE ALL DAY. aaaaarrrgh.

I love my apartment, really, I do. But 525 square feet just doesn't cut it when you've scarcely left the darn place for the past two weeks.

This is why I'm planning on taking my last exam tomorrow, rather than wait till Thursday/last minute, because I don't think I can take another two days of this. I just hope I'm ready.

24 more hours. I can DO this. Then, just a measely ol' journal-writing competition, and I'm free (!) for the summer.

*resumes nose-to-grindstoning*

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Anonymous said...

RAH! RAH! RAH! SIS BOOM...something...cheer you on and yada yada yada... I really have this odd dislike for cheerleaders for some reason. And you should get out more >:)