Thursday, May 11, 2006

now she's taking me to court

Quickie update, for those of you who might have thought that the journal competition vanquished me once and for all--not so! Not so. I'm pluggin' away--have a decent draft, but the citations are all... well, they're not nonexistent, because I made sure to indicate where I got the cite from, but the Bluebook won't be pleased. Not at all. Guess what I'll be spending the rest of my day doing? And since I have to revisit the editing exercise again (nooooo), I suppose I ought to stock up on the headache meds en avance.

In other news, I met with my judge for the summer and got my first assignment--woo! Very exciting. Too bad I can't think about it at ALL until this dastardly competition is through. I've seen more fellow former-1Ls in the block between my apartment and Starbucks in the last two days than I think I've seen in my neighborhood all semester. It's kind of amusing. Of course, the only time I've left my apartment in the last two days is to go to Starbucks, so maybe it's not all that remarkable.

And finally, in all my free time I profess not to have, I made a jim-dandy mix cd for a trade with friend Cella of Turin Brakes-owning fame--I'm eager to listen to it all the way through to make sure my segues (not to be confused with Segways) are in order, but since music + anything school-related = distracted!kat, I suppose it will have to wait a bit longer to fine-tune. Alas.


Anonymous said...

that's some real conversation for your ass...

(now are we thinking of the Ben Folds version or the original Dr. Dre one?) :-p

ps. did you guys do bowling at FRFF last year and if so is it happening again this year by any chance?

esp. i suppose i could be frumesseging you or contact you in some other way but i think i'm giving proof that there is a loyal readership to your blogs?

^kat^ said...

Why, the Ben Folds version, of course... I've been hooked ever since I saw him play it live in Milwaukee in March. Thank heavens for iTunes. :D

No, no, I do appreciate the blog notes. Good to show my blathering does not go unnoticed. I bet pizza at Four Brothers/bowling will indeed be happening this year on Weds. night, but I won't be partaking because I'm not arriving till Thurs morning. Assuming the lineup sucks (ha!) on Thurs. night, I suppose there could be MORE bowling... oh, and there's also usually Sunday night post-show pizza--but I'll be gone before that, too. Guess I'll just have to be sure to get some of the $2 pizza while I'm at the fest itself... or, you know, just live without.

Anonymous said...

I just handed in my competition memo yesterday and am now COMPLETELY done! are you working for a judge too this summer? :) I'm staying in Boston to do so.

BTW, if you left me a message on MySpace before, MySpace ate it.