Friday, December 01, 2006

it's snowing, it's snowing

...or, at least, it was earlier today. And it THRILLS me, because it's DECEMBER, so it should snow. This is the bestest time of the year, this stretch from Thanskgiving to New Year's--and as of today, you have only sixteen shopping days until my birthday. So, like, better start hittin' the stores, and stuff. Those Family Guy Season 4 DVDs won't buy themselves, you know.

ahem. Anyway. This weather is a little unbelievable: Wednesday, as I was rushing to school to turn in my first draft of my comment, I got so warm I had to ditch my coat--and all I had on underneath was a t-shirt, and I was fine. Today, the weather widg is telling me it's 26, but it tends to both over- and underestimate temperatures at the extremes, so I'm guessing it's more like low 30s. But still--craziness. Plus, now that I'm coming off a couple days of hard labor on my comment, I totally feel entitled to kick back and just watch tv/play on the internet, which I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR because I have another paper due next Weds, not to mention an exam to start outlines for. But all of that just seems so... far away. I suppose I ought to at least choose the case I'm going to write about for my paper, or something. Sigh.

You know, I've had all these great blog topic ideas float in and out of my head today, and now that I'm here and taking the opportunity to write... I've got nothing. Eh. Oh, wait, here's something: Stephen Colbert calling out the Decemberists. You've gotta wait till the end of the clip, but it's laugh-out-loud worth it.

Also, take a look at this really inspired video for Regina Spektor's "Fidelity" (a likely candidate for ExRec '06):


Anonymous said...

I <3 Regina! She has such a great voice.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the video endlessly because it's the most convenient access I have to the song. It's a little like Weird Al that way, but nothing like him in any other way.

And people who love this weather really need to work outside during it. I miss summer. Bah, I miss last week!

ericat13 said...

yes! excellent candidate for end-of-year CD! I approve :-)

and as I mentioned yesterday, the 2nd annual christmas-music-upload has begun, and I couldn't be happier. let me know if you'd like a "best of" mix CD (if I haven't foisted one on you in the past). it doesn't *quite* feel like christmas here yet (we're expecting rain/snow showers on monday), but then I grew up in a place where wearing shorts to christmas dinner was normal, so who am I to talk?

Anonymous said...

cool video.
though i could do without the happy ending :P - supermarj