Monday, November 27, 2006

born in one millennium

I'm totally going to get that email from our school's IT department telling me I've checked my email too many times today (and can I tell you how LAME it is that our school even does that? I mean, do they power their email servers by hamster? It's almost 2007--put some of our thousands of tuition dollars into your technical capabilities, for god's sake). But I can't help it--I'm squeeeeeaking through my comment, page after page, and I'm desperate for distractions. Not big distractions--I don't have time for that, especially if I want to see Jonathan Coulton/Paul & Storm tomorrow night at Schuba's (still a big "if" at this point, but I'm-a-hopin')--but a little something here or there would be nice. Sigh.

As a recap: Thanksgiving = great. Weather was beautiful, parents were fun, food was delicious, and desserts were plentiful. Plus I didn't have to cook or wash a single dish (thanks, Mom & Dad!). I just wish I hadn't left so much work on this paper till now, so I would've enjoyed my holiday with more impunity and less guilt (and more meerkats--Animal Planet, how I *heart* thee). Oh, well. I procrastinate because I suck, and I suck because I procrastinate. Which is what I'm doing now.

More soon, when I'm not feeling so emo. Blerg.

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