Saturday, January 13, 2007

makes me kind of nervous to say so

YAY three-day weekend! And possible snowstorm on Sunday night/Monday! If I were in grade school, I'd be furious to have a snow day on a holiday--but I'm not, and I love winter weather, and we just haven't had enough of it this year. (Sorry, Bruce!)

Anyway. I'm working on ExRec '06 (*tiny cheers from the crowd*) and accidentally deleted the iTunes playlist with all of my ideas, lovingly compiled over the last 4-5 months. This is the second playlist I've accidentally deleted in as many days, and I'm REALLY annoyed at iTunes for not having an "undo" function to fix such errors. I guess I'm so used to being able to undo anything--cutting and/or pasting, moving files, transferring things to the trash--that this new development came as total shock/horror. I acquire a LOT of new music on a weekly basis (courtesy of the music blogs, mostly), and many of the tracks on this lost playlist were one-off songs that I couldn't recall offhand. GRRR. I've managed to cobble together a new playlist and am working on whittling it down/fixing the track listing, but seriously? iTunes needs to get its act together. If there's a way to make it ask you twice ("Are you sure you want to delete this playlist? Circle one: Yes, No, HELL NO, AND BACK AWAY SLOWLY FROM THAT DELETE KEY"), I'd love to hear it, because, arrgh.


Anonymous said...

I did the accidental delete with the ABBA playlist, right after I got it trimmed for length. iTunes was not my friend that day.

No need to apologize... you're right. We haven't had enough winter weather this year. Besides, when I checked last, the weather was skimming just north of us. You might have to go to Milwaukee to get your winter weather. (Sorry, ^k^!) :-P

Anonymous said...

Yay ExRec '06!! I can't wait!