Thursday, March 08, 2007

calling on in transit

The boys from Athens got a nice blurb in today's USA Today. Good to see they've got the same instinct about the state of the music "industry" as I do.

Also interesting--even though I was all pedantic in my last post about some dude getting the lyrics to "Video Bargainville" wrong, I might have no idea what's actually going on in "Radio Free Europe." I was going to title this post "beside yourself if radio's gonna stay," because that's what I always thought Michael was singing. Turns out half the lyrics sites seem to think it's "decide yourself," and a quick listen (for educational purposes!) seems to imply the latter is actually correct, and probably makes more sense. Not that R.E.M. lyrics ever have to make sense.

And I definitely thought it was "calling all river transit" until this very moment, so perhaps I should be more charitable about the mondegreens of others.

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carey said...

dude, you know michael stipe never knows the lyrics to his songs, either. and half the lyrics aren't what he originally intended them to be because when it came time to record them, he couldn't read his handwriting. hence lines like "the philanderer's tie" (originally "philanthropist's") and "what do you do between the horns of the day?" (originally "hours").

r.e.m. is the friday feature on xrt tomorrow, btw.