Sunday, March 04, 2007

is this just fantasy?

I smell strongly of baby powder.

No, I'm not suffering from diaper rash--we had our poster shoot for Wigmore Follies tonight and as I play a wizened older professor, I'm supposed to have white hair. Well, baby powder seriously isn't going to cut it for the actual show, mostly because the smell is making me nauseous, but also because my (bright red) hair isn't really looking all that gray. But it sure feels gross. And the smell, oh, the smell... I think I'm going to dream about it tonight. Blecchhh.

Also, I'm glad that the old-age-makeup tricks I learned at theater camp in middle school are still paying off well over a decade later. Of course, back then, we had to force a smile or frown in order to find the wrinkle lines and pencil them in. Now, they're just... there. *sigh*

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HippieLawyer said...

I love that you have a label called "Shenanians." That is eccentrically awesome!