Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the dashboard melted

Per the weather widg: high today of 83, low of... 45.

Seriously? c'mon! I just took my winter coats to the cleaners. This is total craaaap. It dropped 15 degrees while I was trapped in the Lexis Lab doing page proof edits for my journal. I'm glad I brought my cute new umbrella-patterned raincoat to school so I was at least somewhat warm on the way home (though it has not, as of yet, rained today).

Also, I totally checked a woman with my shoulder on my walk back to my apartment from school. She was walking side-by-side with her middle-aged pals on a sidewalk that was already half-filled with tables and chairs (don't get me STARTED on how much I hate friggin' outdoor seating--my favorite part about winter is having full, glorious sidewalk usage), and there was a lamppost on my other side, so I didn't have anywhere else to go. I could have waited... but why should I have to wait when they're the ones who suck? So, yeah. I kind of hoped she'd try to start something. I've been working out (see bench-pressing rockstars, supra). I'm feisty. I'm tough. Come get me!

...yeah, maybe not. Anyway, sidewalk etiquette is something I take seriously, so if you're in violation of the rules, you're gonna get hurt.

And confidential to the lady in high strappy sandals who totally edged out in front of me at the corner while waiting for the light to change: do you really think that even with my heavy-ass backpack I can't walk faster than you? I'm wearing SNEAKERS, I did five miles at the gym this morning, and I felt really, really good about leaving you in my dust. Mwahahahaha.

While I'm still feeling fierce and competitive, it's time to re-attack the employment outline and practice tests. Tomorrow morning, it's on. Yeah. You heard me. It's on.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather have outdoor seating than the little canyon in the snow that most property owners "clear." It's not that hard to clear the full width of the sidewalk, and it helps you stay warm when you're out there. Honestly!

Just a reminder that winter isn't pedestrian friendly either. Down with winter!

Anonymous said...

The last two posts you have made included "Dashboard" in the title. Please make a note of it.

P.S. Management will be MOST displeased if it sees a Dashboard Confessional post.