Sunday, April 29, 2007

the photograph on the dashboard

why it pays to use Lexis:

I just bought this with my accumulated Lexis research points. My point total went from over 26,000 to a whopping 31--but man, am I excited.

(I suppose it probably helps that I'm a Lexis Rep. However, I've still got another year of point accumulation ahead of me--and now that Kate Spade is being added to the Lexis store next week... *rubs hands in eager anticipation*)

Anyway, expect more posts with photos in them once it arrives. (Also, expect fewer derisive comments from my friends about my continued use of a *scoff* film camera.)


Anonymous said...

You get that pretty much just for doing your school work?

I'm so very much in the wrong field ;-)

Krista said...

I have gotten over $100 in itunes cards and codes from Lexis points ... not sure if that's a better use of them than a camera, but the camera is pretty spiffy.

Back to Con Law, the not-fun part of law school.

Paul Mischler said...

That's a very spiffy camera :-) I have one of those as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really need to see what I can get.