Saturday, May 05, 2007

paradise by the dashboard light

[...aaaaand sorry Brendan, but I'm spent with the dashboard stuff. expect something new next time.]

I didn't get to watch the Kentucky Derby, but I know for certain I would've put my money on Street Sense, because I like the name. Also because I kept calling him "Street Spirit," and I thought it was awesome that someone named their horse after a Radiohead song. I'd totally do that. Anyway, even if his name's a little more pedestrian than I'd hoped, I'd like to see him pull for the Triple Crown. And, you know, not die, like Barbaro. Because the world can only take so many horse churches.

No time for horsies now, though, what with one measly exam to go. Oh, and spring pollen allergies can KISS MY ASS. Seriously, Claritin doesn't seem to help my awful, itchy eyes anymore, and I don't have time to see a doctor. So, collective wisdom of the internet masses: what helps YOUR allergies (eye itching in particular--the runny nose stuff is under control)? Or should I just keep rubbing them and making it worse like I'm doing now, because it feels SO good for about a second and a half before the itching turns to pain?

...anyway. back to work. grr arrrgh arrgh grr arrgh.


Anonymous said...


It rulz. Check it out. :)

Rent60 said...

Go for the Benadryl. It's not exactly condusive to studying, but drowsiness aside, it's good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I really like patanol too. I don't have the runny nose/ seasonal allergy stuff, but my eyes were feeling irritated year-round before I started taking it. My eye doctor prescribed it. Only bad thing is I don't there's a generic version, but it's not crazy expensive.
- supermarj