Wednesday, May 30, 2007

that's what keeps me down


I didn't really mean for the rule regarding my not talking about Work Club to turn into the rule regarding my not talking about Anything. And I also didn't mean to be up this late. Whoops. (I might have been searching YouTube for Square One TV clips. And I might've found the Mathematics of Love, Draw a Map, Think (About the Problem), the Apple Rap, and my forever-beloved Angle Dance, among others. (I might not have found You Can Count On It or Tesselation, and that kind of really disappoints me.) I would include links, except I'm tired, and the people amongst you who have nostalgia for such things can find them very easily.

Unlike, you know, the perfect, factually-on-point case(s) you need to support the argument that your assigned senior associate/partner wants you to find on your favorite legal search engine. That's a lot harder. But I'm skirting the Work Club with that, so I'll talk about toilets instead.

I cannot FREAKING stand overly sensitive auto-flush toilets. I swear, I don't make wild gesticulations when I'm doing my business. I'm calm, sedate, orderly, whatever. But the toilets at work? Flush at LEAST two, sometimes three (or more!) times while I'm in there. And that's SO unpleasant. There's an annoying building at school with similarly problematic restrooms (ladies, I'm sure you know of what I speak), but I'm not there very often anymore, obviously. I cannot help but frequent my office WC, but I might start needing to take a bag in to cover the sensor or something. Grrr.

Also, I'm sure you cannot believe I stayed up this late just to share that with you all. More Work Club tomorrow, so off to Sleep Club now. whee.


jacicita said...

the best part is, they'll totally be oversensitive then, but when you're actually finished they just -sit- there. and then you give up and push the button. and then when you LEAVE THE STALL it flushes -again-. ohhhkay. that's not wasting water or anything.

Anonymous said...

do we talk about Sleep Club?

ps. at least FRFF WC's are not overly sensitive...