Friday, May 23, 2008

but he left all the books to her

Yeah, so, hi. Little dusty around here, I know. I finished exams, I graduated, I ran off to Stratford, Ontario for four theater-packed days of Shakespeare Festival with my fambly (more on that soon), and now I'm about to embark on a weekend of wedding-related events for a college suitemate and her awesome beau. So, all that is by way of saying you'll probably hear more from me soon, most likely in the form of BarBri-related grousing (that's the bar exam prep class for you non-law school readers).

In the meantime, I've heard very, very mixed reviews of the new ("red") Weezer album, but I'll give them an A+ for their so-meta-it-hurts video for "Pork and Beans." In fact, by the time it concluded, I was left wondering if they were grasping too hard for memes...? Anyway, check it out, and happy Memorial Day:

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