Sunday, May 04, 2008

never gonna give you pants

Quick update. Still alive. One exam to go, but it's a two-part exam, so it may as well be two exams. Meh. Then I have to finish my mediation journal (you'd think it'd be easy, if not fun, to self-analyze for 30 pages... but it's so not), and I'm done. Done! And I graduate in less than 2 weeks! Crazy!

Possibly again inadvisably, I saw another concert tonight: Jonathan Coulton with Paul & Storm. SO MUCH FUN OMG. Little irked at P&S, who played essentially the same set they played last December, and really, kids, it's only been six months--you're gonna have a lot of the same people at both shows. (But you can always play the cookie dough jingle. That gets a special exemption.) I do love their new DEJECTED ARRRR t-shirts, but I've placed a firm moratorium on concert t-shirt purchasing, as I'm mere months from entering the workforce for reals again, and I have enough band t-shirts right now to wear a different one each day for a month, probably.

JoCo played a somewhat different set, which meant no Ikea (disappointed arrrr), but we did get a rollicking First of May, and he rickrolled us on Mr. Fancypants (!), and I do very much adore the old standbys (Code Monkey, Skullcrusher Mountain, I Crush Everything, Re: Your Brains, Creepy Doll, Mandelbrot Set). I also had this weird thought on the bus ride home, listening to his recorded stuff--if I were a man-singer, I would want his voice. It's so perfect for pop songs. Just the right timbre, great non-falsetto high range--and let's face it, people prefer listening to dudes when it comes to pop music (and I'm being needlessly unfair to altos with this comment, but they're used to it, right?). Heck, I was ready to throttle the woman behind me who sang up the octave during the singalong chorus on... something... Skullcrusher Mountain? Just don't do it, lady. Haven't the dogs in the parking lot suffered enough?

Anyway, JoCo = great voice. And maybe I'm just thinking about it more now that I know he was a Whiff, and during my year in Whim I became all too familiar with the stigma against being the all-women group, so maybe I'll always have a little chip on my shoulder about it, because deep down I agree that I'd rather listen to them than me...? I'm digressing way too far and I need to go to bed, but the bottom line is that Jonathan Coulton can ruin a pony for me anytime, and tomorrow I need to learn more evidence than man (or woman) ever has before, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Er, less behind. Whatever.


Krista said...

I thought it was YOU singing that high. I was like "what the heck is Kat doing???" but figured you have more musical sense than I do, so ... (it was on re: your brains).

^kat^ said...

Oh, GOD, no. Man. I'm sure glad I clarified things!