Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I don't regret a single thing


more soon, as it's late and I'm really really freaking tired, but I'm tied to the computer like a leash, as is always the case late at night.

I survived! And even better, I turned 24! I'm still OK with getting older because I haven't really reached a "scary" year yet. Check back in five; I might not be so jovial. The Boy surprised me with a delightful birthday dinner with various and sundry friends on the day before, and I saw Death Cab the night of... but it really just whet my appetite for a full Death Cab show. Preferably one with fewer jackass highschoolers. I don't mind youngsters at all ages shows if they're well behaved (as I was, back in the day), but for God's sake, people--if you didn't get there early enough to be right up by the stage, can you NOT PUSH FORWARD once the show starts, making everyone miserable? Thanks. I appreciate it. Really.

ANYhow. I got Seasons 1 & 2 of Ali G and Season 2 of Arrested Development from the 'rents, and the Boy got me a pair of Fluevogs, which basically makes yours truly one lucky girl. So much has changed since the beginning of '05, so much that I didn't anticipate--and some that I'd hoped for. I'm surviving law school, I'm enjoying it--and omg, I'm headed to Seattle in 10 days to see my college pals! delightful.

...and, as promised above, more soon. *yaaaawn*

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