Friday, January 13, 2006

sing me spanish techno

Yeah, I suck.

I don't understand the definition of "blog," clearly.


Incredibly difficult, obviously, because I just can't freaking grasp it. arrgh.

Anyway, hi! I'm back! I had a lovely Christmas, an even lovelier time in Seattle with my former suitemates/Yalie friends, and I'm thrilled to be back in a Chicago that actually has above-freezing temperatures (it was downright balmy yesterday, though today was kind of a wintry, slushy drizzle). I got my grades back on Wednesday--I can live with all of them save for one which seems royally unfair, if not utterly impossible. I'm speaking with that professor on Monday, and while I'm not expecting any grade-altering miracles, I'm hoping I can at least stop obsessing over it. gah. But I'm still alive, and I'm liking my classes so far this semester.

I'm also watching Coldplay on Austin City Limits right now, and Michael Stipe just walked out and sang a duet with Chris Martin. So, I'm in relatively good spirits at the mo'. ExRec '05 is done but for the burning, though I still need to come up with an article for the online NU Law newspaper, the Pleader, re: my top-10 cds of 2005, which I'll likely co-opt into an EC update (as though anyone cares about those anymore! no, I'm not wallowing in self pity--just allowing a minor indulgence. don't mind me). I've also got to watch Sixteen Candles, which I've shamefully never seen, because I'm playing a character based on Molly Ringwald's part in (da DA!) Wigmore Follies! whee! I'm so excited. I'm sad to be missing Coldplay when they come to town March 31, but this really was one of the reasons I came to NU Law, so hopefully this is the start of a dream come true. I'll be sure to let you know how the first rehearsal goes.

Really! I promise! No, don't go away! come back! come... oh, well. *scuffs shoe in dirt*

Anyway, happy new year, reader. 2006! wow. hope it's a good one.

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Rent60 said...

Heh, long and infrequent posts are the best kind. That way your sure you've got something worthwhile to say=). My friends have been bugging me to start a blog for ages but I've never been able to find the right outlet. I like it here though--I'm