Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the days, they seem to fall through you


A friend of mine from high school just got married in Vegas last weekend.

Not five minutes before I heard about it, I was poking around an old Geocities website of mine (animated gifs galore) and happened across a photo of me and her from the end of our freshman year, and got to thinking about what we'd've been doing ten years ago (probably planning a girls-night anti-valentine's cookie party or something)... shoot. I realize we're all certainly old enough to get married, and another of my high school friends has been married for a couple years already, but I didn't even know this friend was dating anybody! I guess I'm kind of out of the loop.

Anyway, it's definitely in character for her, so while the whole thing is somewhat shocking, I'm not exactly surprised. Plus, she looks absolutely lovely and glowing in her photos, and I'm sure she and her new husband will be very, very happy.

But still, Vegas! Wow. Her life is entirely more carefree and thrilling than my paltry mechanics-of-tax-code-section-7872 existence, I assure you.

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