Thursday, February 08, 2007

will you feel better?

It's official: ExRec '06 is done but for the pressing.

Tracklist to follow shortly; the recipients deserve to be surprised. And if you've never been on the Exam Recovery list before, hit me up in the comments and I'll get you hooked up. (For the uninitiated--are there any?--this is my eighth(!) annual year-end best-of mix cd. I work hard to make it awesome, which is why it takes so long, sometimes.)

And yes, it's damn belated. But it makes up for it in musical goodness, I promise.


Anonymous said...


btw, i find it very awesome when i'm watching commercials and i hear that odd song and i think to myself "hey! that was on ExRec!" then i feel a tinge of avantgarde snobbiness. but only for a moment :)

Anonymous said...

woo! - supermarj

Anonymous said...

If you're giving them away, I wouldn't mind getting one. My address is on my facebook page (that seems dumb, but it's there).


Anonymous said...

in return i'll send you a copy of jude's new cd. there's some really good songs (and some not so good songs... but you can just not put those on your ipod :P) - supermarj

^kat^ said...

yes, I am just giving 'em away, though I fear that Brendan, if anyone, might already have all the music that the CD offers. (hopefully you're in the camp who appreciates a mix for the creative order of the songs, otherwise--hey, a colorful coaster!) :D

and Marj, that would be grrreat. I'm really bad at buying cds from independent vendors, but I've had my eye on that Jude cd for some time now. thank you!

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! i was getting a little ansty for it, especially since I heard Carbon Leaf's What About Everything in a tv show commercial just the other day, and then had to pull out the ExRec cd to listen to it in full and started to flip through all of them on my ipod. can't wait! - mel