Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the light in the tunnel at the end

I had these for supper tonight:

And you know what? It's hard to be tired and cranky when your meal is smiling cheerfully up at you.


Anonymous said...

you do realize those smileys are taunting fact, they're talking about you behind your back or so i've heard.

ps. still enjoying exrec. now the fun is trying to figure out the meaning of the track order :-)

Arbie said...

Wow... did your package really say New? We have had those up here for years.
It does make you wonder... I wouldn't be smiling if someone was about to eat me, what do they know that I don't? They look awfully smug about something. Or do they believe they are going to a better place?
Maybe I'm over thinking this...

^kat^ said...

naw, that's not my photo--just the second thing that came up on google image search.

It is a little disturbing how chipper they remain, even after a bite has been savagely removed... perhaps they're organizing a freezer coup with my veggie burgers and chicken strips. hmm.

Justin Rimbo said...


Almost forgot to tell you -- I have a blogger blog now. That's a funny phrase. "Blogger blog." It's like saying I have a "Toiletter toilet."

And? Pumped about the review!! Hooray for publicity!!

And thanks for the well-wishes. The teeth are doing much better.

Justin Rimbo said...

Thanks for the killer review Kat! We all agree that it's fair, insightful, and a good read.

Have you ever considered that law isn't your calling? Maybe entertainment law . . . you could help us when we get sued.