Thursday, March 08, 2007

just ask for roger

Well, looks like that last post really shook the Primitive Radio Gods fans out of their hiding places. *scoff* Bet you guys liked "One Headlight," too. I loved the Wallflowers' "Sixth Avenue Heartache," but ten years later, I still think "One Headlight" was overplayed. guh.

Anyway, I was poking around Facebook instead of fixing my citations in my comment (yeah, yeah, I KNOW) after a I got a message from an old Fruhead friend of mine who mentioned that she'd listened to Bargainville for the first time in ages a little while ago. So I decided to see what was up in this "Fruheads United" group I joined. And I am astonished--ASTONISHED--that someone posted on the message board inquiring after the existence of the C album. I guess it's like any fandom--it is what you make of it. But, like, though I can kind of understand not owning it (well, not really--it's not the best album by any stretch, but you're calling yourself a Fruhead, right?), how could you not at least KNOW about it? I guess I make a point of knowing a lot about the artists I like (even the ones I'm not stalking traveling to see), so I can't comprehend such ignorance, particularly for THIS band.

Oh, and some dude on a different thread was like, "I have a college friend who says we can pay one price for two!" And I immediately thought, "PAL. you have a college PAL." I might not actively listen to their albums much any more, but the songs? The songs will never leave me.

However, I'm still pissed off I never got my Frumiles-earned copy of Fireside Fruvous. Grrr.


Anonymous said...

Is Fruvous an alternate language like Klingon or something?

Unknown said...

no i do not like one headlight