Thursday, October 26, 2006

climbing up the walls

In an effort to bring more lighthearted themes to the blog: a couple weeks ago, my morning routine was disturbed by a silverfish crawling up my roll of paper towels on my kitchen counter. I freaked, got the bug spray, and tried to douse him--but he crawled down the center of the tube before I could catch him, so I just sprayed the hell out of the center of my paper towels and forgot about it.

Until today, that is. Friend Erica is arriving this afternoon and in an effort to show that I don't live in total squalor I took the paper towels to the bathroom to clean a little bit. I go to put them back on the towel stand... and there's not one, but TWO dead silverfish, dried and stuck to the center of the stand. Ick ick ick ick ick. I didn't realize they traveled in pairs.

Seriously--don't these things majorly creep you out? I cannot STAND them. Ugh.

edited to add: I just killed a silverfish in my Gladware. MY GLADWARE. UGH. At least I made myself a nice home-cooked meal in the oven (acorn squash! so tasty and autumn-y!) rather than just microwaving stuff like I normally do. That's SOMEthing to be happy about. ugh. *shiver*

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Anonymous said...

Silverfish creep me out too. Most of the pest insects don't bother me, but that one does.