Tuesday, October 24, 2006

kitten break

My dear, sweet, beautiful, bestest kitty in the world has cancer.

They're operating next Tuesday. The vet thinks it hasn't spread so hopefully she'll be ok, at least for a little while longer.

I know she won't live forever, but I'm really not ready to lose her yet. She's only about 10 years old (we got her as a pregnant stray at around age 2, so we don't know for sure). I feel like all my far-away schooling has kept me from being with her during her best years, and that makes me tremendously sad.

Please, pet owners--spay your kitties young. If you wait until they're older and have gone through heat/had kittens, they're much, much more likely to come down with this type of cancer in their later years (it's a nodule on her chest). I'm glad we've had such a wonderful time with such a sweet kitty, and I just want her to be strong enough to pull through this and have a few more good years. We do love her so very much.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kat, I'm so sorry! I am thinking of you and your kitty.

whitetrashmocha said...

awww, poor kitty. and poor Kat. i hope everything goes well.

Rent60 said...

Aww, pull through Foxy Fruvous! So sorry to hear such sad news=(. Look into a homeopathic raw food diet for her Kat. It helped my dog Lucy tremendously after she was diagnosed with cancer. It bought her a lot of extra time. I'm not sure if there are any vets in your parents neck of the woods that do that kind of thing but it's worth looking into.

Good luck! Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. I just lost my kitty. I hope your sweetie is okay.