Friday, November 03, 2006

c'mon and get in the boat, fish fish?

not the crabcakes! Fishing market faces collapse by 2048

In other news, I'm tired, I'm behind in my work, and I'm traveling tomorrow. I think I'm going to have to take my journal extension for our next deadline, which means I'll be working on it over Thanksgiving while my 'rents are here. I bought tix to go back to New Haven (I just can't stay away!) for new year's. And I'm trying to figure out which classes to take next semester, given that 4 of my credits are already pre-determined (and will take me to Egypt next spring break. woo!).

I can't believe it's November. I can't believe I'm seeing ads for holiday sales already. I'm just not ready for all this. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

The 'rents are coming to our fair city? Is there time in the schedule to let me crash the party? I know a great breakfast place, and an outstanding dinner place that encourages conversation.