Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I wanna do right but not right now

Oh, for crying out loud.

Usually, I'm just finishing class right now, but our prof is otherwise occupied today so we were set free. So, of course, it makes total sense that today's the day they're jackhammering up the sidewalk right outside my window. GAH. Not like I need any kind of peace and/or quiet to study for tonight's Negotiations exam, no sirree...

I went to the gym with the Boy again today--fourth time now? He's helping me with weight training, because I never have had any kind of upper body strength (and I'm way intimidated by the machines, very few of which I knew how to use prior to this. Weight machines can only hurt you if you use them, after all--don't play their games). Plus, it's an especially good thing for women to do because it helps combat osteoporosis. Apparantly I'm already going up in the amount of weight I can lift, which is good, but I swear, my lower abdominal muscles are NEVER going to forgive me for the punishment I'm putting them through. I was lying on my stomach reading last night, and every time I moved they felt as though they were about to cramp up. I suppose once they get stronger this will be less of a problem, but it's a pretty damn steep learning curve at the moment.

Also, it's good I'm going to the gym because being a Lexis Rep? Means sitting next to an enormous bowl of candy for an hour or two every day and daring yourself not to eat any. I used to be pretty good, but anymore I just dig in, especially if I'm manning the lab right before lunch. Today, for instance: two funsize packs of gummi Life Savers, a mini Almond Joy, two funsize Twix and a mini midnight Milky Way. It's like every day is Halloween. I have got to start cutting back, no joke, or when I sit around the Lexis Lab, I'll really sit around... oh, nevermind.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me there were gummi livesavers!! I'm coming by your hours more often.