Monday, November 06, 2006

so just give up

Hi, reader. I feel like I haven't said much lately that didn't concern Bob Barker or my kitty (she's doing better every day, btw), and I feel bad about that. But I'm also feeling pretty blah today for no good reason--I turned in my paper, but it only means I have to start work in earnest on my journal comment. I don't have negotiations class this week, but my graded, videotaped negotiation is Thursday, so I need to prepare for it. I wanted to take administrative law next semester, but I found out my ITP ("trip to Egypt") class conflicts with it so I've got to rethink things. I saw An Inconvenient Truth this afternoon and found it to be very impressive--and very depressing. So for every glimmer of positive I've got going on, there's a helping of negative alongside, and I'm finding it very draining on my spirit. The word I've used to describe this semester over and over again is "relentless," and it still absolutely applies. At least time is flying by, for better or worse--I simply cannot fathom the fact that it's solidly November right now.

I also need to pick a job. I think I know what I'm going to do, but I'm having a hard time committing to it. As usual.

Anyway. I'd like to go to bed early tonight. Like right now after I read for my bright-and-early morning class.

Tentative class bids/ideal next semester schedule, for those who care:
Basic Federal Income Tax (another freaking 8:45 am MTW class)
Employment Law
Estates & Trusts
Music, Copyright & Digital Technology (I cannot express how excited I am for this--it had better not suck)
"Trip to Egypt"

That's 15 credits, 2 more than I need... but it means I only have to take 12 credits each semester next year, so I guess that's good. Except for that whole 8:45 am class thing. Grr.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, copyright law is *powerfully* boring -- even when it involves music and digital technology. Actually, especially when it involves those things.