Sunday, February 04, 2007

blood still warm on the ground

Have we all seen the Decemberists' new O Valencia video?

It's a little reminiscent of the video for 16 Military Wives, though the plot's a bit harder to follow. Still, fun to watch. Plus, I haven't seen Chris Funk since his shred-a-palooza on the Colbert Report.

More soon, as I'm in the middle of a totally fun weekend (next stop: the Goose Island brewery!)--but in the midst of all this Super Bowl nonsense, don't forget about the REAL contest this afternoon: Puppy Bowl III!


Anonymous said...

Goose Island? The actual brewery of one of their restaurants? Have you been before, or is this your first trip? And, if it's one of the restaurants, Clybourn or Clark?

^kat^ said...

My my my, much with the questions tonight:

Yes, the actual brewery of one of their restaurants--the Clybourn location, actually. Never been before, but I'd totally go back--we got a TON of beer and a pint glass for the $5 admission, plus I discovered I really, really like their (award-winning) nut brown ale.

Anonymous said...

Yes... I'm an inquisitive one. :-)

I've been to both of the locations I named (I'm not sure if there are any others), and while the Clybourn location is more convenient, I greatly prefer the Clark location (which, a few short blocks from the Addison red line stop, is probably more convenient for you). I've always gone for the food, and Clybourn leaves me disappointed. I've never been unhappy with Clark, which is distressing, since the menus and prices are the same.

I need to go back... mostly because I can't remember which of their beers I prefer. And that $5 admission = TON of beer sounds like a pretty good deal. :-)