Tuesday, November 27, 2007

kitten break

We thought she beat the cancer... then I found a lump last Wednesday, rubbing her tummy to greet her. A hard, round little thing where her lower left nipple used to be. She's going under the knife again Thursday and we'll know more. Hopefully it's nothing. Or something, but then it will be gone again. A year ago we weren't sure if she'd still be here now, so I know it's a blessing she's lived this long.

But she really is the sweetest kitty. And she's more playful now than ever. My mom tells me that she delighted in mauling a new drinking straw last night, and was attacking her crinkle toys this evening. She's so full of life. She's not that old, for a cat.

It's also not the only cancer in my family right now. Cancer sucks, period.

1 comment:

Krista said...

All the cool kids are taking kitten breaks! :)

I will be thinking of the kitty and your family and hoping for the best.