Saturday, November 03, 2007

you're changing your heart

Be gone with thee, MPRE. Hopefully I passed. At the very least, I feel as though I could be a sole practitioner living on the border between two states, sending out "advertising material" and investing client money in local trust accounts, without violating any ethical rules.

How often any of this will actually come up in my legal career? Who knows.

Anyway, I found this music survey in my blog wanderings this week, and since it looks like more fun than the effiks reading I've been doing all week, I figured I'd fill it out instead:

Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
R.E.M. They also just plain HAVE more albums than most other artists. TMBG is probably second.

What was the last song you listened to?
New Pornographers, "Challengers"

What's in your CD player right now?
Huh? What is this "cd" you speak of? The Decemberists are the last artist on my Last.FM feed, I guess.

What’s your favorite local band/group?
Oooh, is it cheating to say Wilco, since they're pretty much a "national" band? How about Office?

What was the last show you attended?
The late, lamented Long and Short of It Tour.

What was the greatest show you’ve ever been to?
Oh, come on--that's not a fair question. The Amos Lee/Elvis Costello/Bob Dylan show I attended last Saturday is probably the biggest star power show I've ever been to.

What's the crappiest show you've ever been to?
Hmm. I was underwhelmed by Fastball/Sugar Ray/Goo Goo Dolls back in high school. I don't make a point of going to bad concerts.

What’s the most musically involved you have ever been?
I'm always musically involved. Right now I'm prepping for Habeas Chorus and Wigmore Follies performances at next week's public interest auction. The busiest I've been musically was senior year of college, balancing Whim, the Glee Club, and my radio show on WYBC.

What show are you looking forward to?
I juuuust bought tickets to Aimee Mann's holiday show on Dec. 11. But I'll be seeing TMBG next Saturday. And Modest Mouse on Dec. 4, I think.

What is your favorite band shirt?
THIS is a great question! I love my super-soft green Decemberists ringer tee, and my pink panda New Pornographers tee. I'm wearing my R.E.M. horsey tee right now, but I probably love the one I bought at their last tour more (with the line from "I'm Gonna DJ" on the back: "Music will provide the light you cannot resist"). Or what about my Dar Williams "Peace Branch Horse & Bible Camp" shirt? My "I *heart* Canadian Boys" shirt of ten years ago? The $40 Bob Dylan shirt I bought last weekend because it's got fuzzy stuff on it? I'm a sucker for merch, apparently.

What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
I've long maintained that John Vanderslice would be just so cool to talk to. He'd probably bring cupcakes and a deck of cards. I'd say Colin Meloy or Michael Stipe, but I'd probably just sit and stare at them while at a loss for words. Besides, Michael seems like he'd be pretty difficult to carry on a conversation with.

Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback?
I do get pangs about a certain Canadian band from time to time. More realistically, when the hell is Dogs Die in Hot Cars going to release another album? (Well, shoot. Never, apparently.)

Who is one band/artist you've never seen live but always wanted to?
Right now? Radiohead, for sure. After that, probably the White Stripes. Or U2. Or maybe the Police, not counting the fact I've seen Sting before. It's interesting: I'm scrolling through iTunes for inspiration, and almost every artist I really love I've seen already (unless it's unrealistic/impossible for me to do so). Huh.

Name 5 of your favorite songs of all time?

1. Moxy Fruvous, "River Valley"
2. Belle & Sebastian, "Seeing Other People"
3. They Might Be Giants, "Ana Ng"
4. The Decemberists, "The Engine Driver"
5. R.E.M., "Fall on Me"

Name 5 flawless albums:

1. The New Pornographers, Twin Cinema
2. The Twilight Singers, Blackberry Belle
3. Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes (honorable mention: Scarlet's Walk)
4. Radiohead, OK Computer
5. R.E.M., Automatic for the People

...and yes, this really was just me scrolling up through iTunes till I found 5 albums that don't have a single song I dislike. I'm sure I could think of more. Like Lincoln's self-titled album. Or Jude's No One Is Really Beautiful. (Yep, still scrolling upwards in iTunes. I'll stop.)

How many music-related videos/DVDs do you own?
Geez. I have a lot of these, too (sucker for merch, remember?). I think I have a bunch of R.E.M. and BNL tapes still in my parents' basement. Here in my apartment, I have 20 DVDs, and I will list them, because I don't want to do real work: Barenaked Ladies, Barelaked Nadies; Belle & Sebastian, Fans Only; Ben Folds Five, The Complete Sessions at West 54th; Ben Folds and WASO, Live in Perth (huh? I don't think I've ever even watched this one); Blur, Best Of; Dave Matthews Band, The Videos 1994-2001; The Decemberists, A Practical Handbook; DIG! (Dandy Warhols/Brian Jonestown Massacre documentary); Great Big Sea, Great Big DVD; Ellis Paul, 3000 Miles; Radiohead, 7 Television Commercials; R.E.M., The Best of R.E.M., Perfect Square Live, Road Movie, and When the Light Is Mine: The Best of the IRS Years 1982-1987; 2 Skinnee Js, Enter the Gold Hat and Next Big Thing; They Might Be Giants, Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns (not technically BY them, but ABOUT them), and Venue Songs; U2, Elevation 2001: Live from Boston.

Whew. I also have the Decemberists' Austin City Limits performance still on tape to watch sometime when I get a free moment (and am not feeling compelled to fill out a highly detailed music survey).

How many concerts/shows have you been to, total?
God, I've been to too many this year alone to have any idea, let alone cumulatively.

Who have you seen the most live?
Why, that would be Moxy Fruvous, 36 times in less than 3 years. I'll have a hard time topping that. I have seen the Decemberists 5 times this year, though.

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
I have several: The Forrest Gump soundtrack was actually one of my first CD purchases ever; it's probably not my favorite anymore, but it was a good musical education for a burgeoning music aficionado. And, of course, there's my beloved Dumb & Dumber soundtrack. More recently, I'd say Me, Myself & Irene; Magnolia; Vanilla Sky; O Brother, Where Art Thou?

...come to think of it, none of those are particularly recent. I don't actually remember when I last purchased a movie soundtrack.

What was your last musical "phase" before you wised up?
Heh... having just mentioned Magnolia, now I have "Wise Up" in my head. But that's not what the question is asking. I was really, really into Oldies for awhile--I don't feel particularly guilty about that anymore, though. What's not to like about the Mamas and the Papas or the Beach Boys?

What's your "guilty pleasure" that you hate to admit to liking?
Nerd rap?

What album have you purchased the most copies of?
Probably Factory Showroom, of which I own three copies (one regular, one promo, one signed). SOMEone was a little TMBG-obsessed around 1996. Ahem.

Who is your favorite musician?
Musician? As in, not band? Because that's really hard. I tend to like bands more than solo artists. I guess I'll say Elvis Costello, or maybe Jack White, because I'm so impressed by his musicianship/musicality. Band would be R.E.M. or the Decemberists, neither of which should come as any sort of surprise to regular readers of this blog. Songwriter might be Dave Carter or Richard Shindell. Or Sufjan.

Also, this question reminds me of an anecdote from Mediation class a couple weeks ago. We were supposed to go around the room and say some getting-to-know-you-type stuff about ourselves, like favorite movie, favorite food, favorite kind of music, or "favorite artist." And I was really, really confused when the second person to talk ended her spiel with, "...and my favorite artist is probably Van Gogh." Because it never would have OCCURRED to me to talk, like, ART art. I figured the professor wanted my favorite musical artist. And, honestly, I think she probably did. But a few more people chimed in with art artists after that. My favorite art artist would probably be Degas.

And now I have some TV to watch Net Neutrality research to do. Pardon me.

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