Wednesday, November 21, 2007

with a bottle of wine

Leaving in... less than 7 hours? Sigh. Still have to a) reread my paper and fix what I can manage after a couple of drinks and a long day, b) correct/create some footnotes, and c) pack. But it was worth it to see OFFICE tonight at Schuba's. Seriously, $5 = Free Knob Creek-sponsored pre-party/electric set + acoustic set later on. Such a deal! The Boy and I met band member Jessica at the bar while we were chowing down on some appetizers between sets--she is SO freaking nice. I guess I'm not used to rockstars (well, maybe that's stretching it, but they're gonna be big) who aren't full of themselves in the least. She also plays a mean xylophone.

So, anyway. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I leave you with a whimsical Office video:

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Cella Bella said...

Aw, I heart Office. Have fun! Happy T-give!