Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dance with me, it'll be all right

Hi there, reader. I'm back! And I'll write more soon, but suffice to say that I suffered through two liquid and gel-free flights and am not the worse for wear (and my liquid-filled checked bag arrived safely at both ends of the journey, proving my fears of bag loss baseless once more). I do encourage you to check out our group blog for details of our trip, philosophical ruminations about what exactly constitutes a liquid and/or gel, as well as just how EXTREME! we are.

Also, I have some swell college pals. Who else would ride the Magnum rollercoaster four times just to keep trying to successfully be photographed doing Magnum on Magnum? Next summer Dollywood won't know what hit it...


supermarj said...

wow, and just when i thought i'd exhausted all my daily internet time killing options, i discover your other blog. sweet. what do you all have against helena bonham carter???

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Wow. The Magnum. I remember riding it when it first opened. My picture wsa not flattering. ;)

Glad you didn't get arrested for bringing toothpaste on the plane.