Monday, August 07, 2006

girl, you got those eyes that see

Well, I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but here we go again:

Vote for Foxy in the latest Stuff on My Cat contest!

Er, Foxy Fruvous, that is (her full name this time, as insisted upon by my mother). She's actually received 3% of the vote without my even checking the website until just a moment ago, so good for her! However, Bendi and Natasha have an almost insurmountable lead, so I doubt we've got it in the bag this time, either. Oh, well. There's some totally unsolicited praise for her craziness in the comments, including someone who got the band reference in her name (and who I believe is the same Rhiannon from the Nields Nook, so it's a small intarweb after all).

I have had Raconteurs songs in my head all day. I've never been moved to go out and buy a White Stripes album, but I don't think I can survive much longer without Broken Boy Soldiers. August is such a rough time of year in terms of wishing for things, as it's a good 5 months until gift-giving season for yours truly. Guess I have to pony up the cash myself (or convince The Boy that he needs the album, as well, and that "fair use" of his personal copy includes burning a backup to stash at his girlfriend's apartment. You know, just in case of fire or flood at his place. Can't be too careful about these things).

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