Saturday, August 19, 2006

oh, I'm ready for it

Saw Snakes on a Plane.

My recommendation? See it in a theater with as many people as possible. You will laugh together, you will hiss together, and when Samuel L. says his famous line (which comes remarkably late in the film, and it seems like after all that happens, it's a particularly odd straw that breaks his camel's back, but whatever), you will clap and cheer. There was a bit of this going on at our 2:30pm screening yesterday, but I would've rather seen it later in the day with a bigger crowd. The snakes are cgi-craptastic, the plot is as flimsy as an airsickness bag, and the characters are, for the most part, stereotype-arrific, but seriously? SO MUCH FUN. Between the snake-vision, gratuitous violence/nudity and sheer absurdity of having snakes from all over the world on a plane to kill one guy... yeah. It's grrrrreat.

Also, if you bring your own (fake!) snake and attempt to bite your friends/loved ones with whom you're seeing the film, it adds to the majesty of the occasion.

Also, I kind of like that Cobra Starship song. eeek! But in my defense, it's rather catchy, the video is glossy and funny, and it's the perfect campy song for a campy film. C'mon, bring it...


ericat13 said...

yeah, well, I can see the venom in your eyes.

isn't the movie FANTASTIC? although I'm not sure I can muster a comparable amount of energy for _snakes on a train_ or _snakes on claire danes_ or whatever the sequel turns out to be. I may be all snaked out for a while.

however, I could listen to the song ALL DAY.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that they added the infamous line later? Like, months later? That's the power of the internet, my friend. :)

Rent60 said...

My friends Emily and Mike live in a bit of a unique house in which their downstairs neighbour is an eccentric nun who raises hampsters. Anyway, Emily and said nun were discussing the obsurdity of Snakes on a Plane. But instead of addressing the obvious obsurdities of the flick, the nun pointed out that it had one very large *scientific* oversight.--Under the specific cabin pressure on a plane snakes would be dormant and not be able to move let alone terrorize the passengers! Not to mention the fact that snakes are transported in "snake" bags with knots on either end and they don't have hands to untie them. *Hehe* Such observations could only come from a holy hamster-breeder=p.