Thursday, August 03, 2006

just last night I was reminded of

I went to Panera again for lunch today (I know, I'm weak--but I thought I'd be outta the court building by lunchtime so I didn't pack a sammich, and I do enjoy the free wi-fi) and was in the mood for some soup, since the heat spell has broken and the Dirksen building was freeeezing. I definitely told the woman behind the counter that I wanted french onion soup in a bread bowl, and I definitely got chicken and wild rice soup in a bread bowl. And just like the Rolling Stones say, I didn't get what I thought I wanted (or even what I said I wanted), but it turned out that the chicken rice soup was awesome, and exactly the hearty, warm lunch I needed to get me through the afternoon.

In law-school-related news, I received 20 introductory OCI interviews, which includes interviews with nine of my top 10 ranked firms, so I'm pretty pleased. Most of the interviews are with New York firms, though, so I guess I should have ranked my Chicago firms higher. All those dozens of slots--gone before my name popped up! I forgot that I'm attending school with a bunch of classmates who wouldn't mind staying in this city. Oh, well--the easier to possibly-attend-Falconridge-next-summer with, my dear.

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Rent60 said...

You don't Really need those Chicago firms, you just think you do.--Woo, yay for NYC firms! At least one if us will get there before 2008! Expect a visitor from the North *hehe*.